Friday, June 19, 2015

Amazing Day! -- 6/19/2015

It is cold in this little inlet!

53 degrees out and 61 in, the coolest sleeping so far on the trip.  We will start the evening tonight with more bed cover. 

The first sounds of the morning at 5A are the waves softly slapping against the hull.  Peeking out I see we are slowly turning on the hook, and there are small ripples on the surface of the cove’s water. Herb turns on the generator, as we don’t have quite enough battery built from yesterday’s partly cloudy skies to run the electric coffee-maker – plus I am ready to heat the cabin with the diesel heater.  

I see a pink sky above the tall, tall stately evergreen tree forest, and anticipate the warmth the sun will grant us soon.

A few gray clouds scatter across the sky, but promise clearing.  We listen to Environment Canada’s marine forecast on Channel 21 to confirm Johnstone Strait has light winds that will increase to 15 – 20 in the afternoon.    We plan to head that way by 8A and go as far as conditions are good, with a plan to tuck in to Lagoon Cove along the way, if necessary.  Maybe we can make it before the afternoon.

Before we leave Small Inlet anchorage, we cruise over to say Hello to a Ranger Tug we had seen come in late yesterday afternoon.  They are Mike and Ruby of Ruby from Montana and have just returned from Prince Rupert BC.

Wispy clouds float behind the mountains and delight me with their colours.

Following Nudibranch....

We get a call from Ocean Aire I inquiring about our travel plans.  Skipper has enjoyed watching us overtake them.

Our cruise today is littered with logs and logs and trash.  This one is a tree with the roots protruding.

A nasty flotsam greets us. Thankfully, we miss all the debris and are soon at Port McNeil -- well ahead of schedule.

Amazing day -- WX conditions are perfect, and if it weren't for the logs and trash near Port McNeil, we could have put Willie's Tug on auto pilot and taken a nap!

75 nautical miles,

Find Willie's Tug and Nudibranch....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, June 19, 2015

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