Sunday, June 7, 2015

Go Hawks! -- 6/4/2015

Today, Thursday, is the first day of the Ranger Tug/Cutwater gathering at Poets Cove on South Pender Island, and we spend a leisurely morning at the dock in Montague, as we anticipate only a few miles to go.  Jack of Cracker Jack dinghies over for a visit and it is nice to meet him in person.

Another group of students comes running down the dock on their scavenger hunt, lying face down across the dock, peering into the water.  I learn they are looking for ????  These southern ears don’t understand the word they say, but I’m told it is an armored snail.  I think there is probably millions of them under the dock.

We leave Montague around 11A and go south in Trincomali Channel between Prevost and North Pender Islands.  AIS tells Herb the ferry Sprit of Vancouver Island will appear ahead of us on our starboard.   Astern is Queen of Cumberland and we hear her call to go through narrow Active Pass.  Mayne Queen crosses our bow far in the distance.

It is a pleasant trip today with calm waters, except for a few waves from wakes.  We pass the south end of Salt Spring Island and go into Swansom Channel south of North Pender Island.

This is beautiful country!

We round Wallace Point and arrive at Bedwell Harbour at 1P.  We are directed to our slip by the harbour master and two men from the marina catch our lines.  What service!

Quite a few Ranger Tugs and Cutwaters come into the marina and we visit with boaters we know and get to meet others.  At 5P appetizers are brought to the Happy Hour end of the dock -- so many that a second table is moved into the serving area.

Kathy calls to my attention the Seahawks boat.  This is unbelievable and I am ecstatic!  Take a tour....

Carpet in Cockpit


12 Flag

Kathy points to the 12 on the bow.

Green Boot Stripe

It takes a little time to find one of the owners, and I ask Tonja to pose.

Seahawks Fan, Tonja

At dinner Bob takes my camera and I cannot escape.

Ranger Tug Family Joins Us
It is a nice feeling to be our people again, and we look forward to seeing the vacant slips filled tomorrow with more of our group.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, June 4, 2015

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