Saturday, October 20, 2012

Willie's Tug is Home - 10/14/2012

Our morning sky is mostly cloudy, happily keeping the temperature down as we begin our last segment of the trip back to Port Isabel.

We say goodbye to the ducks at the RV Park lake, and settle in for a long ride.

South to Corpus Christi?  Or southwest to Kingsville ( King Ranch, Kenedy Ranch), Brownsville and Port Isabel?

I grab a quick shot of my favorite palm trees along the highway.

It's getting greener, but the wind waves are now 20 - 25 knots.

A few miles before our turnoff from the Expressway, we pass through the Border Patrol check area.  Although traffic going south is not stopped, we may be photographed, as cameras are evident.

Wind waves are less now, as we approach our exit to Park Road 100.

Willie's Tug clear!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, October 14, 2012


  1. HI Willie,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and we were up at Cap Sante the same time you were. I thought we lived a long ways away, about six hours south until I realized where you guys are from. When my wife and I were walking and checking out boats, well she was walking and I was checking out boats, I saw your boat and walked over a couple of times but missed you guys both times. We were over on C Dock. I was going to head over again when we saw you heading out. This must have been about August 23rd or so. Anyway really enjoy your posts and glad you guys made it home safe and sound.
    Rob Morton

  2. Hi Rob,

    What a nice surprise to hear from you, and we are so sorry we missed you. Six hours south? Where are you from? Are you on TugNuts? Maybe next year!


    1. Hi Willie,
      We live right between Salem and Albany Oregon in the little farming community of Jefferson. We are not on Tugnuts. We just sold our boat we had in a partnership that we kept in Seattle and it went to Anacortes for a month each summer. We are actually looking at a C-Dory for our next boat. We like the Ranger Tugs and chartered a Nordic Tug a few years ago, but to be honest they are a little out of our price range. We want a boat that is fairly simple and that will fit in our shop for winter storage. How do your friends like their C-Dory?

      Will you guys be up at Anacortes again next year? We are usually there the end of August first part of September depending on our schedule.

      Take Care,

  3. Rob,

    All the C-dory owners I know are very happy with their boats. If you have not checked in to their forum, go to

    We do plan to return to the PNW next year. Good luck with your search!