Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Other Magic Kingdom - 10/2/2012

In the afternoon, after our tour in Oregon, we find Russ with helper Herb hard at work in the wood shop section of what I must call The Other Magic Kingdom, Russ' huge workshop.  He performs magic here, and I am impressed with the storage cabinets he built, shown at the right of the photo.

Looks like a nice supply of teak on the shelves, and I think I see a can of teak oil on the table.  Hmmm....

Got Teak?

Yes, I believe this will work!

Here's the finished product -- I wonder whose yellow boat it will go into?

I find some other pieces he has made,

and a very special gift he made for Toni from a broken branch of his mother's apple tree.

After a hard day's work, or an hour, Russ can launder his work rags in The Magic Kingdom's own laundry room.  If he ever gets in the doghouse, he can stay right here in this Five Star rated shop.

But wait, there's more!

The exercise room has two framed maps that are special to them, one of which shows areas in Alaska, where they hope to go next Summer.

The media room is complete with a snack bar and Toni's popcorn machine.

Military Memorabilia

Toni and I notice Jake is due for a bit of grooming, so we take advantage of the warming sun to sit in the backyard with Jake's brushes.  He loves the attention and just as we call it done, he rolls over and over in the grass.  However, I have a special brush to keep the tiny pieces of grass outside when Jake goes inside the house.

In the evening Toni shows me some of her treasures, one of which is "New Songs of Inspiration, No. 4," published in 1961 and given to her by her Uncle who attends Macedonia Freewill Baptist Church in Missouri.  She remembers her Grandmother, who attended that church from 'day one,' taking her and her brother to baptisms in the river.  To this day she considers it her church home and attends when she is in Monette, MO.

Toni and I share similar childhood experiences, and I know every song she mentions and has bookmarked.  

Standing on the Promises

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday afternoon, October 2, 2012


  1. That looks like a fun, welcoming place - is there an exorbitant entrance fee like that "other magic kingdom"? ;-)

  2. They are very welcoming, and yes, a exorbitant entrance fee for most; however, we got the Frequent Guest discount. We have been there one time, so I guess that makes it 'One in a Row' for us!