Saturday, October 13, 2012

Texas! - 10/12/2012

We leave Albuquerque before 8A for a long day of travel through New Mexico and as far as we can safely go into Texas.

We get a few sprinkles of rain in the RV park, but the sky clears to the south and we hope the Fiesta Balloons will fly today.

Good Morning, Albuquerque!

Herb sees a very large pumpkin patch, which I photograph very out of focus as we slide by.

Pumpkins, really!

Most of the day's scenery is wind swept rolling hills with little vegetation.

Near Las Cruces we see the Border Patrol check point for northbound traffic.  This shocks us into reality, as we realize we are not far from Mexico!

At a Rest Area near Radium Springs I read an interpretive panel which tells the story of the Jornada del Muerdo on the El Camino Real, the journey of the deadman.

The path cut across 90 miles of desert with little water or shelter.  This spot marked was the Paraje San Diego, or stopping place to water stock and caravans before entering the Jornada del Muerdo.

Soon we leave New Mexico and enter Texas!

It takes a while to get through El Paso, which stretches for miles and miles and miles, and we come to the southbound Border Patrol checkpoint.  

The officer asks where we are coming from, and smiling asks, "Did you drop your boat in the water in Albuquerque?"

With a long, straight road, we are granted an 80 mile per hour speed limit.

The Central Time Zone sign shows a few bullet holes.

We are at home tonight at Mountain View RV Park in Van Horn.

Find Willie's Tug ....

Find tall pine trees ....

Jake is mayor of the driveway.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, October 12, 2012

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