Monday, October 8, 2012

Lake Powell at Last! - 10/6/2012

Well, it's not 35 degrees this morning; it is 25!  We take our time getting ready to begin our trip, and when the sun peeks over the mountain, Herb says, "Willie, come quick and take a photo of the frost on the truck."

Who, me -- the one who is always the coldest one of the group is supposed to go out and take pictures?  I am motivated, though, and grab my jacket.

Herb starts the truck remotely so it can be warming, then when we drive away from Utah Lake RV Park, I turn my heated on.

I hear there is warmer weather ahead!

There's beautiful scenery as we drive again through mountains.

And steep 8% grades.

8% Grade

Sign of the times; the Bookmobile in this small town has Internet inside.

Internet Truck

We are here!  Lake Powell!

and the first glimpses of the lake and Wahweap Marina.

We stop at the entrance gate to get inspected for unwanted critters that are prohibited in Lake Powell.  Zebra mussels are one they look  for on Willie's Tug's hull.

We are clean, and head on down the hill to the launching ramp and the marina.

What happens next is really exciting.  Herb drives forward down the ramp, which is wide enough to do a U-turn and back down to launch.  My job is to walk to the courtesy pier, catch the lines as Willie's Tug comes off the trailer and floats, then tie her to the dock until we get the truck parked WAY up the hill at the top of the LONG ramp.

However, she is so excited to be near water again, she literally jumps off the trailer and I am powerless to catch her.  Some able bodied guys on the pier assist me to get her secured.

Then a short cruise over to our assigned slip.

Did I mention it is hot?

Hot!  90 degrees. The frost on the truck has melted.   It doesn't take me long to change into shorts and a cooler shirt.

We sleep well tonight and look forward to exploring tomorrow.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, October 6, 2012


  1. You guys are living large!!!

    Was it hot or cold? :o)

  2. Oh my this almost makes me homesick for this part of the country, but we did live in Arizona for 35 years and have just begun to explore the Great Pacific Northwes. Sooooooo, I think we will stay put up north. Have a wonderful time, Lake Powell is magical. Best, Cindy and Gerry "Celtic Sun"

  3. There is beauty everywhere, and we are so glad we can enjoy the many places we go.