Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Last Party - 9/29/2012

On my calendar is a note that Ray, Jocelyn and Brenna will host a dinner for all the Anacortes area friends as a 'Going Away' party for Herb and me.  We have been looking forward to riding the Guemes Ferry from Anacortes to Guemes Island and visiting with them.

I remember hearing the General Store there is a fun place with good food, and I remember Brenna has chickens.  There are not many roads on the island, but we look forward to exploring them.

Jake is invited to come along, so we decline car pooling and take the truck.  As we approach the ferry waiting lanes, we see the others arriving, also.

Herb, Richard, Bob, Anne, and Claire

It looks like just another ferry dock, with walk-ons, as well.

The General Store is full of items, one of every kind, to supply the locals.  Herb finds the Farmer's Almanac.

Anne and Herb find the Almanac.

One area features the bar.


Richard buys a map of the island, so we elect him the leader of the convoy, as we enjoy the scenery, views of the channel, farms, rural area, parks, playgrounds, and many homes.

At the entrance to our hosts' driveway is a display offering Brenna's fresh eggs for sale.

She gives us a tour of her Halloween decorations, and shows how the skeleton can be short or made tall.  Jake is not afraid, as he does not recognize what it is, but is more interested in drinking from the cat's water bowl and splashing the floor.

Bob and Brenna

Ahhh, from the dining room, a beautiful view of Cypress island ....

.... and I found the chickens out back.

Brenna shows us her room, which includes a loft and another bed, and introduces us to Serena, a Ragdoll breed.  Soooo sweet.

Serena with Brenna and Nita

My camera can't get enough!

Buzzy, Jocelyn, and Willie

The Sunset

Jake is glad to have this big back yard, in which to roll and roll, and we watch to make sure he does not tumble off the cliff straight down while exploring.

Jocelyn gives him toys from their previous dog's toy basket, and he plays with each one.  He thinks it is Christmas.

Richard surprises everyone with a 'Going Away' gift of salmon that he caught and smoked.  What a treat we will enjoy later!

Do I hear a clarinet somewhere?  Reminds me of my high school days.  Then I see Brenna giving a concert, and recognize some of her songs.  

It is a wonderful evening, a happy time -- no sadness, as we know we will be back next year!

Oh, yes!  Ray is here, also!

And Jim is here!

Serena gives Brenna a kiss.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, September 19, 2012


  1. You are very blessed. Have a safe trip east!
    Cindy and Gerry "Celtic Sun"

  2. Thanks -- see you next year!