Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Westview Harbour at Powell River - 8/7/2012

We take a look at our other backyard, seen as we swing on the hook, and begin our cruise toward Westview Harbour at Powell River on the mainland of BC.

And the rocks we threaded yesterday, now at high tide.

The water is flat calm and we dodge the logs floating nearby.

We leave Waiatt Bay and turn into Okisollo Channel, timing our cruise to pass through Surge Narrows between Peck Island and Sturt Island at or near slack. 

There are eddies at the exit and we go through at 7.5 knots.  It is a non-event!

Herb now gives me the helm, and we enter Hoskyn Channel, then Sutil for a long day on the water.

We pass birds resting on a floating log.

We go outside Marina Island, passing Q 16 buoy, and my favorite navigation aid, Q 20 bell buoy at Sutil Point on the southern tip of Cortes Island.

In the Strait of Georgia we go outside Hernando and south of Savory, then an easy ride into Westview Harbour.

We note on the chart that Vancouver in 1792 gave the name of Gulf of Georgia to this inland sea, in honor of His Majesty King George III.

We call Westview Harbour and get a slip assignment for 5 bow out stern tie, rafting to Lori II.  

Hmmmm, rafting?  

We back in and Dave, the harbour master, comes to assist us, and we are welcomed by Brad of Lori II.  

Fenders are moved as necessary and we are ready for a lovely evening in Westview.


Find Willie's Tug..............

The wind picks up, the temperature drops and the sky is amazing!

Good sleeping weather.......

My Backyard

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, August 7, 2012

(On edit)

Did I say good sleeping weather?  Did I say good weather?

Herb is up several times from midnight until 3 A checking the lines and listening to the sounds.  He sees the section of the docks which are more to the outside  of the marina moving up and down like sine waves.

We are rocking and bouncing like never before, and we are on the inside.  As I sleep now and then, Herb decides we are OK as we are, and returns to 'good sleeping weather.'  

We are thankful we are in safe harbour tonight and not on anchor as the front moves in.

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