Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gorge Harbour on Cortes Island - 7/31/2012

Crossing the Strait of Georgia yesterday was a reminder of how much we are all a family.  Today as we leave Pender Harbour we see again that we are family -- who could raft so many boats into the space without being friendly!

We watch as each boat peels off to the staging area in the bay.

Cast On
My Precious

Rum Tum Tugger
Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar



Sybil Jean

Michael Ann I
Jorge and Marcus

We are now underway and get a new member of our Shiraz Trader group, Zephyr.  We temporarily lose Andrew of Shiraz Trader, as he stays behind to help diagnose a fuel filter problem for My Precious.

Others with us are Day Dreamer III, Peregrino, Circle T, Moon Dance, Tradition, Cast On, Bud's Tug, Celtic Sun and Barbara Ann.

One member of our group calls on 68 to ask the location of Willie's Tug, but when Herb tells her she just passed us, she laughs and says she was looking for Jake on a boat!

We hear on the radio That's It's group is getting together.  Quite often we hear a leader call out speed, RPMs and oil pressure.  Members of the group respond with their stats. Making sure everyone is OK.

The wind picks up a little around Powell River, but Malaspina Strait is wide, paralleling the Strait of Georgia, and congested water is not a problem.  We slow to go behind a BC Ferry just before Harwood Island.  

Our route takes us between Hernando and Cortes, west around Sutil Point, then north by Marina Island and into the gorge to Gorge Harbour.  I love the bell buoy.

I see a tiny bit of snow on some mountain peaks.

And now the gorge...........
    the beautiful gorge.

We switch now to Channel 66A to call the harbormaster for a slip assignment.  They can take five at a time, so we get in single file for a count.  It is a smooth docking with plenty of dock-hands and Ranger Tug owners assisting.  

The visiting begins as we see where everyone is.

Marcus and Jorge
My flower arrangement in the cockpit is still surviving -- somewhat........

Lincoln brings a pre-appetizer appetizer -- Marmie has cooked his Lingcod with some tasty vegetables.  Thank you, Lincoln!

Happy Hour is by the beach, and Jake cannot resist -- especially when someone throws a stick for him.  Kate, Sara and Sherri get a sprinkling of water when he returns to shore with his stick to shake.

The weather is hot, hot today, so I am not unhappy to get wet.

Gracie and Maisy join the group.

Maisy, Sherri, Sara, Gracie, Kate -- Jake

Jake Retrieves
Come, Jake

Kate gives Jake a little more exercise.

Go, Jake!

Not yet, Jake!

Wet Dawg
The picnic table fills with snacks and sides to complement the burger and hot dog dinner supplied by Ranger Tug Factory.

Dinner has a wonderful view of the marina and all the Ranger Tugs, and we are fortunate to enjoy Patrick's expertise at the grill.

Boomer gets a walk.

Jeff and Patrick get everyone's attention after dinner, and thank all for coming on the trip.  Each boat will go her own way tomorrow.  

Patrick thanks Gail for her support through the planning and execution of the plans.

..........and the group leaders.......

Herb - Willie's Tug

Andrew - Shiraz Tader

Matt - Cut N a Rug
Find Willie's Tug............

Find ice cream...........

Wayne and Linda guard their plates, as Jake waits expectantly for his portion.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, July 31, 2012