Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gorge Harbour Again - 8/1/2012

Many Ranger Tugs are still at Gorge Harbour for the second day.

The ramp is not very steep; however the hill up to the store gets my attention.  Great exercise!  The grounds are unbelievably beautiful.

Zephyr joined the flotilla yesterday, and I finally have a chance to meet Mike and Mary with sons Henry (13) and William (6).  They live in Vancouver BC, but originally are from Chicago.


Impromptu Happy Hour moves to the Promenade by Sand Dollar, and Bob made reservations for a seat in the spacious cockpit.  He is welcomed by Capt. Keith!

Ray tells me how they decided on the name of Nudibranch for their boat, and shows me a photo in a brochure on the office bulletin board.  Compared to a previous boat they had, the Ranger Tug goes slower, like the nudibranch slug. The photo shows a very beautiful and graceful organism, daughter Brenna likes it, so hence the name.  I am impressed.


Our circle gets larger and larger so the marina golf cart stops short of the office to deliver its load.  

Nancy of Lazy L conducts the 'skippers' meeting, asking each where he plans to go tomorrow.  Several opt for Laura Cove (before it gets too crowded for the Summer) and others name fun places to go.

and Sally said........

Kathy holds a 'Guess the Flavor of Jelly Belly' contest for the children and young adults.  Parents give permission for the sugar high!  One contestant got two out of about ten correct, but everyone won a prize -- a bag of different  flavors. 

The Winners

Dinner is in the restaurant up the hill and Kathy selects a bottle of Blasted Church red wine.  The link tells the story of the old wooden church which inspired the winery's name.

When the waitress tells us their specials for the evening, Herb and I are surprised to hear a starter of Baton Rouge Seafood Chowder.  Really, now!  We are not sure that is 'legal.'  We order it, and it is wonderful!

For an entree, Lee chooses oysters from the awesome menu.

Sally orders mussels.

Everyone else has the special of halibut with spaghetti squash.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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