Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Walsh Cove to Anchor - 8/4/2012

Reluctantly, we say our goodbyes, to cruise farther north in Homfray Channel. We hope our paths will cross again with Casey and Mary, and we plan to visit Homfray Lodge again.

The Maceys treated us like family at the lodge and made us feel very welcome and comfortable.  We recommend friends to spend time there, but eMail works better than telephoning, as they are often off the grid.  

They are at Foster Point, Lat 50.273, Long 124.621.  Scott's hand held radio scans all channels, and he will respond on 66 Alpha.

Brad, Michelle and Scott, Herb, Casey and Mary

As Herb is doing his check of systems before casting off, he discovers the generator won't run.  He tries several ideas, but no success.  Oh well, we will plan not to need it for a while.  

We enjoy the scenery along the Channel and wonder if there is a family reunion at Atwood Bay.

As we near Toba Wildernest we call for dock space, but they are full.  Allan on Rocinante radios that he and Bella are passing Walsh Cove and there appears to be plenty of anchorage there.  

Ice Fields on the Mainland

Dean Point at entrance to Waddington Channel



As we enter Walsh Cove, we see a sailboat near where we find a great place to anchor.  They are tying their stern tie, and  the lady rows her dinghy over and asks if she can take Herb to shore with his line.


Brenda and Herb

She is Brenda, on a 47 ft. Beneteau, Explorer, and we thank her for her neighborliness.

There is a four foot tide on our arrival, and she tells us it will be 16 feet at 9 PM.

Gerry and Cindy on Celtic Sun come in, and we invite them to anchor by us.  They have plans to go farther on, but say they just had to come into Walsh Cove, since their name is Walsh!

Herb checks the fuses and circuit breaker on the generator.

Our special dessert tonight is chocolate -- thanks, Mary!

On reflection of the day, I must say I enjoyed my time at the helm.  No auto pilot, Herb has me driving, and my  line doesn't wiggle too much!

My Backyard

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday,  August 4, 2012


  1. Keep that line from wiggling! Good Going, Adm!

  2. Adm,

    I didn't drive today; we crossed Whiskey Golf, which turned out to be a non-event. Thanks for the encouragement on Boating 101.