Friday, August 17, 2012

Best Laid Plans - Montague - 8/11/2012

Planning ahead:

Knowing that we will head to the US, specifically Friday Harbor, to clear customs, we have consumed the restricted fruits and vegetables, and have one bottle of wine left.  Good for clearance.

Not planning ahead:

We realize we did not call ahead for reservations at Friday Harbor on this busy week end day in the peak vacation season, and do not want to take a chance on not being able to clear and get a slip.

Planning on the spot:

"Let's go to Montague and hang on the hook.  We can dinghy to their marina store for supplies.  We can stay for two days and let the weekenders return to Anacortes, then come in on a less busy day Monday."

The closest fuel dock is Jones Marine in Chemainus, a few miles south of Ladysmith, so we look in Dreamspeaker travel guide for a diagram of the area, and learn it is next to the ferry dock.  This should not be a problem.

There is no wind and we sit back for a nice cruise.

As we approach Chemainus, we attempt to get a visual on the fuel dock.  What we see are many working tugboats tied to a dock, and the Thetis Island ferry Kuper coming in our direction.  We aren't sure we are in the right place, as there is no one around the boats.  

As we move away from the path of the Kuper,  the Harken 10 tugboat skipper waves to us "one minute"  "one minute."   We move to the side and wait.  The tug moves out, we can see the fuel sign, and the ferry moves closer.  We are able to tie to the fuel dock and wait as the attendant comes from upstairs in the shop.

Wow!  What started out to be a peaceful day turns exciting!  

Willie's Tug, BC Ferry and Jones Marine Fuel Dock

With a full load of diesel, we resume our cruise to Montague.  From a safe distance, we see the ferry leave her dock.

 The waters are calm in Stuart Channel, and as we pass Salt Spring Island, we see a Ranger Tug.  We can't identify her.

As we pass Wallace Island, we see that Conover Cove is full at the dock as expected, and recall fond memories of our stay there a few weeks ago with Destiny and Moondance.

Now in Trincomali Channel, we get into some gentle swells.

An amusing sight is buoy U 44 with five blue herons perched, watching for their next meal.

At Panther Point the marker on the rock warns of danger.

We enter Montague Harbor from the north between Charles and Galiano Islands. 

It is now early afternoon, and already beginning to get crowded with boats.

We see Cascadia come in and anchor near the shore and dinghy dock.

Cascadia, Second from Right
Not planning ahead:

Herb, Jake and I dinghy over to the marina store for supplies.  I look around and see no wine.  I go to the counter and the young lady tells me they have no liquor license, but we can have food in the restaurant across the room and enjoy wine there.  OK.

I look for cartons of 'Coke' -- soda -- and seeing none, I ask the lady.  She replies that they only have singles in the cold case.  I return to the cold case and see Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and other brands.

I go back to the counter and ask if they have Coca-cola.  I am told the island used to be a Coca-cola island, but had a problem, and is now a Pepsi island.  OK.

I see quarts of milk in the cold case -- not half gallons -- so I get a quart.

While Herb and I are trying to decide whether to get Pepsi or Dr. Pepper, the lady in the restaurant asks if we have a problem she can help us with.  We smile and decide to tell her we hoped to buy a bottle of wine.

She can help.  BC liquor laws allow one to purchase a bottle of wine in the restaurant (at restaurant prices), be served a glass and take the opened bottle home.  We did.  We chose Copper Moon Cab.

However, the waitress comes back to say the register won't ring our purchase of wine unless there is food on the receipt.  She suggests a large cinnamon roll.  

With our purchases of a quart of milk, two Dr. Pepper, two post cards,  a mostly full bottle of wine, and a cinnamon roll, we enjoyed our dinghy ride back to the boat in time for Happy Hour.

My Backyard

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, August 11, 2012

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