Friday, August 10, 2012

Strait of Georgia and Ladysmith - 8/9/2012

Hoping to cross the Strait of Georgia, Herb wakes at 2 A and checks the marine stats to find Halibut Bank buoy in the middle of the Strait is one knot, gusting to three.

So far, so good.  

At the more reasonable hour of 6 A the skippers decide it is time to go, go now!  The seas are calm, but will pick up in the afternoon.     6:30 A

We leave.

Flat calm!

Messmerized Comes Out

Sea Pal on the far left

Sea Pal and Messmerized lead out, followed by Day Dreamer III, Cascadia, Willie's Tug, and Celtic Sun.

Jake is happy to be on the water again!

Sea Pal and Messmerized are seen on the left, then we see Sea Pal make a nice wake as she gets out of the No Wake Zone.

I think the pink sky ahead is a good sign.

Sea Pal

Cascadia is looking good.....


Flashing Light at Merry Island

We see a strange shaped barge in tow and I wonder what in the world it could be.  As we get closer, it appears to be scrap metal, but a look through the binoculars shows logs, the log loader in the rear, with the loading ramp lifted.

We hear on 68 Messmerized slows her speed to go astern the tow.  

Logs and Loader

We set a heading for the NE corner of Whiskey Golf, as the practice firing range is active today.  There is more traffic on the water today, possibly due to better weather conditions.

As we cruise along the boundary of Whiskey Golf, we see a military ship (patrolling?).  Cascadia crosses someone's wake and appears to head straight for the ship.  

Now we can see Nanaimo on the other side -- yea! -- and one of the ferries from this busy port.

Torpedo Alley brings us half way across the Strait, and we experience a bit of chop.  The crossing today is very good; the most turbulence is wakes from other vessels.  

Bypassing Nanaimo this time at 8 A, we head down Northumberland Channel toward Dodd Narrows and slow to a no wake as we pass many, many log booms on both sides of the channel.

The Gabriola Island ferry crosses ahead of us.

Tug Pulling Logs

Oh! My!  A 55 Meter Pleasure Craft

Approaching Dodd Narrows, we have a two knot current coming, and Messmerized calls to say she will go in at 12 knots because of a strong head wind.  Jeff calls "Securite" for all six of us.

Dodd Narrows
Messmerized and Day Dreamer III lead in, followed by Cascadia.


Cascadia and Sea Pal

Celtic Sun gets a good ride through!

Messmerized and Day Dreamer III break off after the Narrows and head on south, while the others cruise toward Ladysmith on Vancouver Island.

Sea Pal

Ladysmith Harbormaster Mark saves the north side of the guest dock for our group, and meets us to catch our lines.  We are glad to be on this side of the Strait of Georgia, and at such a nice, friendly marina.

Anne's Gus finds a nice spot to be co-mayor of the dock, near a water bowl and a serious cleat.

The sun is very warm, and the mayors find shade.  

Many locations on Vancouver Island have Purple Martin Nest-box recovery programs.  The Purple Martin population has been decreasing, but the Restoration Society uses the boxes to aid survival and repopulation of the birds, whose diet is insects.

A group comes to tag the young to track them, contributing to the research.  

We learn the reason for decrease is their traditional nesting habitat is disappearing due to logging and urban development.   Since the recovery program began, 2000 young have been produced.

The long term objective is to return Purple Martins to nesting in the wild.

Parents of  the Young

Baby Bird with Leg Extended for Tag

Attaching the Tag

As we relax in the shade of the dock's community pavilion, the Ladysmith Dragon Boaters gather for one of their exercise days.  Each lady is seen stretching and getting limbered for the paddling cruise.

Then off they go!

Ladysmith Dragon Boat


Happy Hour is in a cool setting with a slight breeze.  As we discuss our crossing of the Strait today, Herb is heard to recall a heading toward the west northeast corner.  Eh?

Oh, that would be the Northeast corner!

Bob is the gift giver today.  Everyone gets a present except Cindy, who expresses a need for a new truck!  I want an ice cream cone!

Here's to BBQ-ing!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, August 9, 2012

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