Sunday, August 26, 2012

Friday Harbor - 8/25/2012

If it is Saturday, Sunday can't be far behind, so we plan to go to Friday Harbor today for the weekend.  We have an early start, being required to vacate the temporary moorage space at the Jones Island dock by 8A. 

As we leave, we see campers laying wood on the previous night's coals to start the fire for their coffee pot.

I grab a quick breakfast, and after underway, I take the helm while Herb cooks his.

The ferry Klahowya appears, coming from Friday Harbor, and I wonder if she will turn my way to go to Sydney BC or continue to points east.

I do a heading hold to stay well to her port, should she turn toward us, but she goes east.

Cruising slowly at 6 knots, we hope to arrive at Friday Harbor about the time boats are leaving around 9:30, in order to take advantage of the first come first served policy of arrivals.  Reservations have been closed for several days in this peak season.

Friday Harbor

We are just a bit too early, but are allowed to tie up to the back side of the Customs dock while waiting for a slip assignment.

Across the dock is an impressive 90 ft. yawl, the Odyssey, whose crew member catches our lines for tying up.  He is Capt. Bryan Rassilyer and tells me they are here with Sea Scouts for a sailing program.

He explains that they train a team of young people, who in turn teach the Scouts sailing skills.  It is not just about sailing the vessel, but instills character building and leadership.  I am pleased to share with him that last year our Ranger Tug Rendezvous had a silent auction, and made a contribution to Sea Scouts.

After we get to our assigned slip, we see Whisper coming in.  We run around to their dock to greet our friends from Dallas and assist with the lines.


Jane and Duane

Our first stop around the marina is to visit with Joan (aka the Blonde of Captain Jim and the Blonde), who is booking whale watchers on Kenmore Air and the Kittiwake.

We find the Saturday Farmers' Market, but poor Jake has to stay outside the perimeter.

The town of Friday Harbor and the marina are buzzing with activity, and we enjoy watching the vessels come and go.

Of special interest to me are the young ladies on a tour boat tying to the dock. Big lines!  

As the Captain eases the boat to the dock, the lady watches eagerly for the cleat she will lasso.  

Then with one throw, she successfully loops around it.

Applause and cheers are heard!

A final step is to pull tight, pull hard to secure the line on the bow.  I bet she gets lots of tips from the guests!

Now the moment Herb and I with camera have been waiting for.

Captain Jim is greeting his passengers stepping aboard Kittiwake and preparing for the cruise to find whales.

Greeting Guests

Capt. Jim

I hope they find the Orcas.

Looking down into the clear water below the viewing deck, I am amazed at the vegetation growing on the pilings.

They saw whales!!!  It was a good day, and it is a nice finish to the day to have Capt. Jim and Joan visit for Happy Hour.

The Blonde and Captain Jim

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, August 25, 2012


  1. Fun photos, Wilma! You can see how CLOSE we are to the ferry as we come and go!!! Apparently, there is something wrong with your camera that makes me look old and Joan look like the youngster I married?? It was a treat to spend time with you two. Happy belated birthday, Herb!

  2. I was really impressed with how narrow the channel is between the big ole scarry ferry and the viewing deck. When I looked up, I saw wall to wall ferry boat in my vision. I said, "Herb! Jim will have to come out this way! Right by this ferry!" Yep.

    Good job!

    And no, you don't look old!