Saturday, August 4, 2012

Exploring Homfray Lodge - 8/3/2012

We wake to see the sunrise on the mountain to our east, just as the moon dips behind.

Here is where we are, on the mainland of British Columbia, in Desolation Sound.

Several minutes later Homfray Lodge is bathed in sunlight.

At high tide, Dave Macey, one of the owners of the lodge, floats his boat onto shore, planning to clean the bottom when the tide goes out.

Mary and Casey explore the challenging trail behind the cabins, and are told  the one out to Foster Point is easier -- after you traverse the difficult part!  Herb and I decide to join them on the easy path.  

We look for the blue survey tape to direct us down the hill to the lower walk, being told it is just after the gas tanks.  I hope this is not it.......

Nope, that was not it, but when we find the tape, we see a work in progress to lead us down below.  Mary and Casey are already down. I go a few steps, then decide I like the upper path better.  

We hear them, and in the next photo can see Casey.

....and now Mary. both.

Herb and I walk to the end of the dozer blazed trail and see what may be a property line marker on a very old tree, just to the left of Herb.

Find Willie's Tug, and Katmai.

Find Casey and Mary on Foster Point.......

Jake finds a pasture area for a special rolling exercise.  He loves the spaciousness of the grounds around the lodge.

Did I mention it is hot???   It is hot!  We hear the water temperature is warm, so Mary and Casey jump in to cool off.  Well, maybe not 'jump' in, maybe more like 'ease in.'  

They do cool down!

We are invited to use the cabins' kitchen house for our dinner this evening, and have Herb's famous sauteed salmon, complemented by my famous cole slaw with blueberries (made from scratch), Mary's perfect green peas, sliced Gangees tomatoes, and Card-Board-deaux Copper Moon dinner wine.

Linen Napkins

Casey is honored with chocolate chip cookies and a birthday candle to celebrate yet another year.

It is a lovely evening with our new friends.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, August 3, 2012

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