Saturday, June 4, 2011

Days 22, 23, and 24 - Anacortes WA - Tuesday - Thursday, May 31 - June 2, 2011

Weather -- It seems to be the same every day now, dreary/cloudy/overcast/light rain/cold/breezy -- take your pick!

But we make use of this time to install the dingy, "Jake's Ferry," on the swim platform.  

We also turned the boat around, docking bow in first.  Now we exit the port side of the swim platform instead of the gate in the rail.

June 1 is our wedding anniversary.  Lotsa years!  The new Anthony's Restaurant on the waterfront is within walking distance, but Herb is fighting a cold, so we decide save the big celebration for another day.  Now it is Nyquil and Dayquil and plenty of rest.

Jake's Dog Door

Thursday Herb is feeling much better and we make plans for the cruise to Everette WA on Puget Sound to the south of Anacortes.  At various times one or both of us leaves Willie's Tug to run an errand, leaving Jake napping on his bed in the cockpit.  This has worked well (when we are docked stern in and exiting through the rail gate.)

Herb is gathering some things from the truck in the marina parking lot and I walk up to take my recycle items to the marina recycle bins.  I walk around the marina office to take the shortcut back to the boat, when I see Herb quietly motioning me to come over to the truck.  I hope nothing is wrong.

As I get close, I see Jake sitting beside him.  Herb says, "You must not have closed the cockpit door to the swim platform."  

"I thought I did."

"Then he must have flat-footed it over the 2 ft. gate."

"Wow!  It is a wonder he didn't land in the water, as the swim platform is narrow. And he doesn't have his life jacket on!"

So we go back and see that the gate is really closed, and he must have jumped over.  Jake is put back into the cockpit.  Herb puts a bungee cord a few inches above the gate to further deter him.  We turn our backs five seconds and Jake appears on the dock with Herb.  

"How is the world did he do that without our seeing him?"

Jake's dog door, canvas window by cabin

At first we think he is experiencing separation anxiety for the first time ever.  We put Jake back in the cockpit, then we go inside and settle in, when Herb notices that Jake was suddenly on the dock again.  It is then that we notice the canvas sun room enclosure on the cockpit is not buttoned down where the fender is tied.  Jake, being a 'smart dog,'  has realized that his daddy made him a dog door and he decided to take advantage of it and lounge on the dock. 

That is also how he got out and walked 'off leash' past 66 slips up to the marina parking lot to find Herb!

We had to laugh!!!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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