Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 40 - James Island - Saturday, June 18, 2011

As Herb gets "Jake's Ferry" ready to take him ashore for his morning walk, he discovers a little water standing in it.  Now he remembers the rain we had last night.  We also see a side panel on the canvas camperback toward "Nellie Too" that is open and had let a little rain into the cockpit.  

We learn something each day........hopefully.

Before we depart, we enjoy looking at our track generated by Herb's SPOT, which shows our voyage form Blakely Island into East Sound of Orcas Island, and then on to Spencer Spit on Lopez.

As we leave Lopez today, we see the first evidence of fog and are glad it is not bad.

There are many seals in these waters, but they are too quick for me and dive under before I can photograph them.

It is a short trip to James Island, and we arrive early in the morning to dock in front of a boat owned by a young family who have pitched a tent on shore.  This is one of the Washington State Parks and a favorite of many.

As we go ashore to register for the night we say "Hello" to the campers.  It looks like the kids have plenty of toys to keep them busy.  

We also meet Paul and Sharon, who tied "Falcon," their Camano Troll across the dock from us, and they suggest a trail to walk their Yellow Lab, Luke, and Jake.  I hear Paul say something about this trail being better than the other.  

Later I learn what this means.

This is the interesting trail.  I could also call it the challenging trail.  We go up some really steep hills (steeper than Stuart Island Light Station trail), and very narrow.

Could this trail be for the deer?

Sharon assures me she is in good shape and can assist me, lends me her arm, and I am beginning to feel like a 100 year old person!  She is so kind to me and I love her for it.

I am glad I am on this walk, because I see some beautiful views from the height.  The boats seem so far away.

I am also beginning to be a little scared, but even so, I ask the group (I am last in line) to wait while I get a shot of the next view.  It is entitled "Scary View of the Beach Below!!!"

What if I fell?  What if Jake fell?  Or Luke?

We stop for a time to let the dogs rest and Paul tells us about the raccoons that visited him last night.  We had seen the warning message in Waggoner's, but didn't think much about it, since we didn't see them in other places that had warnings.  

We learn that at 3 in the morning the animals unsnapped the canvas enclosure of Paul's cockpit, opened his ice chest and started to retrieve a package of lamp chops.  Paul rapped the raccoon on the head, then rapped harder until he dropped the food!  

Good save.  That was to be Sharon's dinner tonight.  They won't go hungry tonight.

Did I say I was glad I was on this hike?  I said that.

As we continue on the hike, I see a more narrow trail ahead -- did I forget to mention there are no guard rails???  !!!  I am starting to hear voices and the voices are telling me to turn back.  This wonderful group turns back with me, and I apologize for not being a better sport. They laugh at me and we return, not at all sure we are on the trail, and arrive at our starting point to see a view of the cove on the other side of the island.

Later on the dock we get a lot of visiting in.

We are joined by Brandon and his son, who are enjoying a Father's Day weekend together on their sailboat.  They motor in and are pushed by a strong current as they dock, and that is probably their excitement for the day as they come really close to Paul's boat.  

Brandon demonstrates his cooking skill with two pots on his grill, one of which is a Revere Ware copper bottom that Sharon and I recognize.

Jake the 'kitty Kat' Golden Retriever, ever so benign, barks!  What?  we say.
We see the little girl in the camping family coming back to her boat to get something for the campfire.  

Oh, my!  Jake is afraid of her.  Silly dog.  About the third trip the girl makes -- and the third time Jake alarms the neighborhood -- the mother comes down to make friends with him.  She brings a pocketful of treats for Jake and Luke.  Jake decide he likes her very much, but we are not sure he ever lost his fear of the young lady.  We never knew why, except maybe it was her pink slacks.

In the visit with Sharon, we discover we are reading some of the same books and different books by the same author and exchange suggested titles for each other.  She also tells me of changes they will make to their new boat and suggests places in Seattle to shop for my supplies.

We like the outdoor kitchen where Paul is grilling his lamb chops.  And to be sure, there will be not a crumb or trace of crumb either in his cockpit or ours for tonight's visitors at 3 AM.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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