Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 39 - Blakely Island and Spencer Spit WA - Friday, June 17, 2011

Plans for today call for a cruise to Spencer Spit on Lopez Island via lunch at Blakely Island, and raft up to "Nellie Too" for the night.  

We are delighted to see "Salty" entering Cap Sante Marina as we leave and give a big wave to Julie.

Without warning a boater exhibits rude behavior and passes us in a no-wake area at great speed.  Hmmmm........

We are joined in the cruise by Randy and Ida on "Adventurer," who also live in Anacortes.  So now we have a red Ranger Tug along with the yellow "Willie's Tug."

Then we are joined by "Nellie Too" from Skyline Marina and now we are a yellow Tug, a red Tug and a green Tug!

We meet a big tanker and give plenty of room.

How many people do we count in this small boat?  The movement of my boat does not allow me to steady the binoculars, but in the photo later, I see 14.  They are still afloat.

Here and there we encounter some big wakes, tidal rips and confused waters.  I am facinated with the motion of the waves and hope I don't see anything more exciting!  Calm is good......

We get close enough to "Adventurer" to get a good photo, but alas! I can't get the vessel's name on the stern.  The wake is too high.

Reminds me of when we were in Bremerton last year at the Ranger Tug Rendezvous and I tried to photograph each Tug as she came in.  "Adventurer's" dinghy was in the way of seeing her name and I simply lowered my hand with the camera, aimed and hoped I got something.

As we get near to Blakely Island around noon, "Nellie Too" gets close enough to get a good picture, showing Bob waving to us.

We are the only three boats docking at Blakely, so maybe the lunch crowd hasn't arrived yet.  It is a low tide and the ramp from the floating dock is very steep.  Ida wonders if Jake can make it up, or if we will have to carry him.  Jake surprises her and trots up with ease.

Jake then finds himself a nice patio to sit on his tether while the humans have lunch.

The Country Store has been open only a few days and the menu consists of hot dogs or hot dogs.  We order hot dogs.

It takes a while to get them cooked, so it gives the ladies plenty of time to examine all the items for sale in the store.  The owner has done a really nice job of merchandising and it makes us want to purchase many of the items.  

By the time lunch is ready, we are famished and a bit giddy.  On the count of three -- everyone hold up a hot dog to show!  Uh oh!  Someone cheated and took a bite first!

Continuing our cruise, we pass a ferry and get the best close-up shot I have gotten so far.  I am always amazed at how they stack the cars in -- so organized.  

Randy and Ida have to get back to Anacortes, so we others head for Spencer Spit on Decatur Island.  Now the real excitement begins.

Where the Waggoner's guide indicated six mooring buoys for use, we see only two, and one of them is taken.

Oh, well, Nita demonstrates her skill at catching the buoy.  Then "Willie's Tug" will raft up to her for the night.  

Ooops!  Where is my bow line?  I always have it tied to the stern and catch it and the stern line as I tie up.  Oh, yes, I see it.  It is on the bow.  How do I get it?  Herb is at the helm, Jake doesn't have a clue, so I guess I should go get it.  

Thank you, Ranger Tug Factory.  You knew where to put the hand rails.

Soon as we are set, Herb takes Jake to shore in "Jake's Ferry."  

Nita and I put together some very inviting snacks for Happy Hour, and it is indeed happy.  A fun cruise and great friends to share our evening!

Jake wonders why he can't be invited into "Nellie Too's" cockpit.

Look, Daddy, it would be a simple step from my boat to theirs.  Just say the word.  Or turn your back..........

Nita Enjoying Snacks

Willie of Willie's Tug,
    and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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