Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 25 -- Everett WA - Friday, June 3, 2011

Today's journey is to Everett WA, where we will meet some other Ranger Tug owners to plan for the get-together to be held in September in Bremerton WA. 

We leave Fidalgo Bay and go south into the Swinomish Channel.  We see some birds standing in shallow water, and it reminds us of the Laguna Madre in Port Isabel, which is quite shallow when you are not in the channel.

The Swinomish Channel is not extremely wide, and we watch with caution and interest as a boat comes toward us, not obviously planning to pass port to port.  Herb slows to idle to see what her intentions are, and we observe her crossing to pass starboard to starboard, as another boat overtakes us, as well.  


We come to an interesting swingbridge, which (unlike the swing bridge at Long Island Village in Port Isabel) is a railroad bridge open to boats all the time unless a train comes.  

We make our way to La Conner, which is a pretty town with many shops and restaurants to interest the tourist, and a nice view from boats, as well.

We are excited to see a blue R-27, but are not able to identify her.

Our next excitement is when we encounter some turbulence, seemingly for no reason, and realize that we are near Deception Pass, which is known for erratic currents.   We are leaving the Swinomish Channel and entering Puget Sound.

I am following with paper charts and the Navionics app on Herb's iPad.  I lean toward the helm to see his Garmin and do a pretty good job of keeping up with where we are.  The education continues.........

As we approach Port Gardner at Everett. the charts tell us to go between the green buoy and the breakwater.  But it is deceiving, as it seems there is no way there will be room.  However, we trust the charts -- and they are right!

Once we near the marina, we are more of dealing with the wind and current, which has become wicked as we attempt to dock.  Herb says, "Willie, you will have to work on this one."  I find out he is right, as I step onto the dock with the lines and the wind is pushing us away from dock.  

I hear him say, "You've got the boat."  I use my strength to help pull the boat in and secure a line, then hurry to secure the other line.  But it takes Herb to snug the lines, add another fender, and tie a spring line -- such as it is -- because the cleats are not where we need them.  Thanks be to God, we are set.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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