Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 41 - Anacortes WA - Father's Day, Sunday, June 19, 2011

After sleeping so soundly and waking to realize that the raccoons took a night off and decided not to visit us, we later learn from Paul that the raccoons DID come.  Not only did they come, but they unsnapped one of our canvas panels enclosing the cockpit, looked in, and seeing nothing at all -- they retreated.  

Same scenario at Paul's boat.  They left no evidence except paw prints.  We slept through it; our ferocious watchdog slept through it; and Paul was the only guard for the safety of our lives and possessions.  

As we say our Goodbyes and prepare to leave, we see Luke looking for his buddy Jake.  We do plan to see them again later in the Summer.

Our cruise back to Anacortes is mostly uneventful, although the ship ahead causes me to carefully consider what is going on.  I see a tug far ahead of the ship, but I do not see a chain connecting them, and wonder why it is so far ahead.  Then the tug is beside the ship -- we give way in a big way!

Nice boat, and she is named "Crowley."

As we pass, it becomes clear what is happening.   I see the ship "Overseas Anacortes" being pushed by a tug, and "Crowley" is the pilot!

There is a lot of traffic coming into Cap Sante Marina and we wait in line for the fuel dock, then negotiate for space as we make our way back to our slip, and we are home.

For a few days...........

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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