Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 33 - Stuart Island WA - Saturday, June 11, 2011

As we prepare to leave Roche Harbor, we take care of some necessary house-keeping (boat-keeping?) and the mobile pump out system comes to us.  Now, that is service!  He also has a sense of humor.

One last look at Roche and the beautiful hill in the background.

It is a pleasant cruise today from Roche on the north end of San Juan Island as we go farther northwest to Stuart Island to Reid Harbor and a Washington Marine State Park.  This is the most northwest we have gone this trip, and quite close to Canada.  We see many sailboats, as well as large power boats, out this week end.

I am told these islands are the tops of submerged mountains, and one of the hazards we must watch for are rocks.  Some are visible, depending on the tides, but are marked on the chart.

Some of the islands are quite small and un-named.

As we approach Stuart Island and the entrance to Reid Harbor, we see a very large boat appearing to guard the waterway.  But we suspect she is just anchored and drifting somewhat.  

Lucky us!  We find a space at the dock of the state park and tie Willie's Tug for the night.  There is one boat next to us, and several dinghys tied on the inside of the dock.  Their owners have gone up the hill for a hike or exploring.   There are campfire rings and campsites available also.

We are home for the night!

Soon we see "Hannah" come by, and watch while she goes past the end of the dock and then we are excited to see her come onto the other side of it to join us.  We learn that she is a wooden boat made in Seattle in the 1920s.  Don and Sheryl have done quite a make-over to preserve her, and she is a beauty.

Don and Sheryl's dog, Abigail, is so loving and she and Jake become fast friends.  They run and jump and play and settle in to visit with the humans.  I suspect they heard someone say "cookie" and see Jake licking his lips.

Fast forward to more jumping and playing of Jake and Abigail and they end up under the picnic table.  She is so cute!  

Here is a picture of Abigail's whole family --Sheryl and Don.

At the end of the day the Rangers come to collect the camping fees.  We had registered for two days, but you are allowed three days max.  We decide we will stay our limit.

We notice a US Coast Guard moorage in the channel and now see, as day is done, the vessel catching the mooring buoy for the night.  We feel safe.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
     and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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