Thursday, September 16, 2010

Days 72 and 73 - Bothell and Bremerton WA - Tues. and Wed., Sept. 8 and 9, 2010

On Wednesday morning we drop Jake off to his friend Vicki at the Sunnyhill Kennel and Cattery and head for Bothell.  Nita and Bob Ostlund invite us to stay the night and ride with them Thursday on their Ranger Tug 29, Nellie Too, to Bremerton to the Ranger Tug Rendevous.

Nita and Babe

The loading of Nellie Too goes pretty smoothly, except for one thing -- a slightly open door from the house allows Babe the cat to escape.  He speeds immediately to the neighbor's yard and goes under their porch.  

Panic sets in as we try to coax him out.  A dish of tuna does it!  Babe independently decides to ignore the dish, but walks around it, and Nita is able to grab him.  Whew!

Gettting Ready to Go

Babe is carried carefully down to the boat.   He has a special place there -- anywhere he wants to be!

Babe the Escape Artist

 We travel forty minutes down Sammamish River, the narrow, meandering and picturesque river which leads from their house.  My guess is the average speed is about two knots.

As we travel along, we are amused to see college students' team and fraternity slogans painted on the bulkhead of the lake as we head into bigger water.

Also interestiong are the floating houses, or 'boat houses.'

Bob gives us a great tour of the water and shows us the house that appeared in the movie, "Sleepless in Seattle."


We are fortunate today to be able to go through the small locks that take us from Lake Union into Puget Sound, and I get a review in why we need locks and how they work.  

Ooops!  We see quite a bit of water pouring through -- who will put his finger in the dike?

Notice the length of the scale

Herb Helps

As we continue on our way, we see the leaves beginning to turn Autumn colors. 

 We make a pass by the home of Mark and Karen of Tutta Bella to say, "See ya in Bremerton!"  If you look closely, you may see Mark standing on the stern, after he saw us coming and ran down.


Bob comments on the water and the rip currents we encounter for a time.  Nellie Too just purrs smoothly along...........

Rip Currents

Upon arriving in Bremerton harbor, we are directed to our slip by David Baker of Karma, who organized the event.  

David and Fernie

Herb and I are soon greeted by Dennis and Julie, who bring us a gift of a burgee from Poulsbo WA Yacht Club, of which Dennis is Commodore. 

 We are delighted to meet each other, as they used to live in Port Isabel and still are members of the Laguna Madre Yacht Club there. They had read a post Herb sent back to LMYC telling of some boating points of interest on our trip, and learned that we would be coming to his area.

Dennis, Julie and Herb

Willie, Dennis, Julie and Herb

Ranger Tugs of all sizes and colors continue to come in during the rest of the day.

Harbor from hotel window

Nita sets an inviting table for Happy Hour on Nellie Too, complete with fresh flowers that she brought along.  

Word spreads and soon we are joined by many friends at the Rendevous.

Vicki of Moon Dance,  Fernie of Blessings, Herb of Willie's Tug

Dinner following was a nice touch to end the evening before Herb and I headed up the hill to the hotel.  

View of Harbor


Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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