Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 80 - Island Park ID - Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010

Today I give myself a tour of La Serda, beginning with the view from above to capture some of the Autumn colors mixed with the evergreens.  

Since we were here in July, much progress in the remodeling has been made, and both the interior and exterior are looking good.  

David and Patti have left much of the log siding of pine dating to 1930, which can be seen on the front, but have made many additions, one of which is the master bedroom with a gas log fireplace.  

He shows me the faux stone that will cover the chimney.
The exterior of the new addition on the back of the cabin is 1x12 rough sawn fir, and the kitchen flooring that had to be replaced is now 1x6 circular sawn fir.  Interior walls are 1x6 lodgepole pine.

I was not there to photograph, but can use my imagination to see David spending two and a half days with two helpers removing linoleum flooring that had been laid with adhesive mastic, then three days sanding before the original floors of 1x4 pine could be finished.  

I cannot go into the cabin because the workmen are staining the floors, but am able to get a shot of the kitchen cabinets stored on the front porch. 

 The faces of these cabinets, as well as those of both baths, are made from wood they salvaged when they tore down an old building on the property.  Legend has it that it had been a privy.  Logic says that its location could not support that.    Big mystery at this point..............and David says there is now not enough wood left from it 'to make a good fire.'
This project lends itself to a separate story because of the rich history involved, so more on that later.  

Tonight is special as David pops the cork on the champagne we brought, thinking we would christen the finished cabin.  Whatever were we thinking!  Construction and remodeling do not finish early or even on time.  However, we must be a bit premature here and celebrate anyway.

The cheery flowers are for the window ledge outside where Patti keeps a fresh arrangement or planting. 

David and Patti toast each other for the happy times to come, using the champagne flutes we all carry in our motor homes.  

The next treats are for Jake and Annie, who wait patiently. 

 I wish I could read their little minds, and wonder what language they think in.  They speak in bark and nudge.  

Herb is asked to show off his new shirt that David and Patti gave him -- a picture of a Golden Retriever with the name 'Jake' at the top.  

(Some time ago when this gift came in the mail, Herb put the shirt on Jake, took a picture and sent to them with 'Jake's thanks.')  They enjoyed the joke.

The steak dinner is great and we are glad to see that La Serda is almost finished. 
Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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