Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 76 - Bremerton to Bothell to Anacortes WA - Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010

The 2010 Pacific Northwest Ranger Tug Rendevous comes to a close and we watch everyone packing up to start their journeys home.  There is much waving "Goodbye" as all depart, and "Safe Trip" because the wind and the current are not as friendly today.

As if we don't have enough pictures already, we photograph everyone we can as they turn in the harbor to leave. 
We learn that the Ranger Tug family of Kent has a show scheduled in Lake Union Harbor later in the week and today will move their boats there from Bremerton.  

Dave Livingston is traveling alone in the 27 and invites Herb and me to come aboard and travel with him to Lake Union, where we will join Bob and Nita.
What a delight!  Another chance to hear someone's stories and take pictures from the boat.  

They also have with them a 21 ft, 25 ft, and 29 ft, and three of us will cruise together today.  John Livingston has the 29 and Jeff Messmer and his son Jack have the 25.  

It is always thrilling for me to see the bridges in cities open for boats to pass through. 

It isn't long before Dave offers the helm to Herb, and he does not protest.  These guys are having way too much fun!

As we enter the locks at lake Union, my eye is drawn to the gorgeous color on a tree as it takes on its Autumn look.  
We are directed into the lock to the second row, to be the third boat rafting on. 
Shown in the photo is a yacht named "Take Five."  More on that later.

Herb gets into the act in tying on, and I am impressed with the helpfulness of everyone you meet with a boat.  

Lines are thrown and caught, and quickly we are secure for the change in the water level.
As we continue the trip, we approach Ballard bridge, which is beginning to close.  The 27's height allows it to pass under; however, "Take 5" will not make it and is just a few minutes shy of getting there before the bridge closes.  I wonder if there is a radio transmission involved.  

Minutes later the 27 arrives at Lake Union Harbor and I am concerned about the congestion with the huge vessels already there and docked.  There is no way we can get through here without bumping or scraping something!  Not to worry -- Dave expertly maneuvers and winds his way to his designated area, and soon we are secured to the dock.  He clowns a bit as he helps me gather my belongings to continue the trip with Nita and Bob.  
As their other boats arrive, they place them according to space available, where they will be available for prospective buyers to visit during the upcoming show. 
Once again aboard Bob and Nita's Nellie Too, Nita prepares a light lunch for the weary but happy travelers.  
Bob points out something of interest, but it is lost on me as I am amused that he lets go of the helm to use both hands in the conversation.  I try to get it on film, but he is too quick for me and returns one hand to the wheel, and makes a funny face.
He reduces his speed as he approaches kites ahead, and we thread our way through them.  They seem to be oblivious of any boats on the water.

Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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