Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 82 - Lander WY - Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010

 As we leave Island Park, we see more mountains, more streams, and more Autumn color along the roadway.  We go through the cute little town of West Yellowstone and head for Yellowstone National Park. Improvements to the roads mean delays and dust, but it also gives us a chance to slow down and enjoy our time, plus stop and clean the windshield.

There is an eagle on a tree stump -- I miss it!  There is a bison along the stream -- I miss it!  Miss with the camera, but I am pleased just to see them.
Then we get lucky.  A ranger is directing folks to a turnout to film the elk and I am lucky enough to get off a few shots while rolling, as there is not room for the motor home to enter the area.

Some are aiming small cameras, and some are setting up tripods.  (I will bring mine next time.)
We pass a few geysers and think of Old Faithful, but don't have time this trip to visit it again.  It is fun just to see the small ones, and to think of what is happening below the surface of the Earth.  
We enjoy seeing the steam roll off the mineral stained hills.
We cross the Continental Divide again today and continue to marvel at the rivers rushing by and the colors.
At last we come to the Grand Teton National Park where we hope to have a minute with Jim and Joan of Port Isabel, who are soon to finish their working vacation here.  

We catch them just as they are going to lunch on a really rushed day, and they invite Herb and me to join them in the employees' dining room. We visit fast and are all soon on our way.

I can't resist taking just one more photograph of the awesome Tetons!
Traveling on, we stop for the evening in Lander WY at Pioneer RV Park, and enjoy pleasant weather and a nice sunset.
Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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