Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 86 - Oklahoma City OK - Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010

The early morning walk is very pleasant as we observe the nice houses surrounding the Park and Golf Course.  

Suddenly we are aware of four small dogs, one of which is tethered, and who begin to bark as we pass by them.  They are so cute and we allow Jake to stop to say "Hello."

The smallest of the four are two puppies that we learn are only nine weeks old.  They want to be brave and approach Jake, but always turn back at the last second.  As Jake remains sitting, they get a little braver, but never do quite make friends.

 We enjoy this so much, and I ask Herb if he would like to have one of those cute little puppies. 

 His answer is something to the effect that "Jake may think he is the Alpha dog, but he is really the "Omega."

It is an easy drive on into Oklahoma City today, and we enjoy some art on the walls of a residential area.
We find our spot for a couple of days at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum, where we will attend a meeting.

In a few hours we are able to see the Harvest Moon.
Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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