Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 75 - Bremerton WA - Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010

Our day begins with coffee and muffins early in the morning.  Vendors and boater craftsmen set up tables to display and offer their products and creations.  

Yes, the Ranger Tug folks are here with a representation of their boats.  

They even take many attendees for a spin.   Herb checks out his skill at the helm.

The Nascar veggie race kept us laughing.  Contestants made cars from various vegetables, complete with rolling wheels (they must roll down the incline plane first to win).  

Some of the entries are a banana with cucumbers and carrots --

A squash with corn --

And the winner, a gourd with cucumbers -- 

It didn't help that Lyman put a handicap in favor of the young lady and tapped the bottom of the incline for an additional edge -- but our it sure gave us a laugh.

A great remembrance of the Rendevous is the flotilla which is photographed from the top of a bridge nearby.  Five rows of boats who were available during this time formed to approach the bridge, then peel off to return to the harbor.

A special treat during Happy Hour is the margarita machine, with which Bob makes many cups of drink!

You may think we had a temporary infestation of swarming gnats, but it is really the 'Ranger Tug Hat Wave.'

What we all have been waiting for is the door prizes.  John calls out many numbers and most everyone wins a prize.

The funniest prize is the yellow and purple chairs in the shape of hands.  I can still hear the laughter!  Mark and Karen of Tutta Bella are the lucky ones.

It is a good day!

Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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