Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Days 65-68 - Anacortes WA - Thursday - Sunday, July 13-17, 2011

Herb, Jake and I kitty-sit with Babe for a few days while Bob and Nita host "A Day on our Boat," which they donated to a benefit for their favorite school.

Babe ( a male kitty as in Babe Ruth) is 17 years old and doesn't worry about much.  He is and has been well taken care of.  During our orientation for kitty-sitting, we learn that if we vacate a bar stool, it should be pushed up to the island so the curious one does not hop onto the table.

Well, sometimes we forget..............

Oh, how cute!  Grab the camera quickly!  Evidence that Herb did not push his stool up!

Babe poses like a professional model.

As I pick him up to rub his tummy, he enjoys it for a few seconds, then tells me he wants down so he can go to one of his several hiding places.

We learned all but one of his special places, and the only way we got him to come out was to rattle his 'Good Boy Treat' bag.

Herb had noticed the "Seafood for Sale" sign at Cap Sante Marina and  purchased a few prawns for dinner.  They are big.  We think, "Twice the size of Gulf shrimp --- (and twice the price.)"  And very, very delicious.

Uncle Herb gets a turn at playing with Babe, and Babe loves the attention.

We had a light rain during the morning, but the late afternoon is very pleasnt.  We decide that Happy Hour should be on the balcony in the red adirondack chairs.

We enjoy the view of part of the neighborhood, and note the houses of neighbors we have met while here.  One family had recently lived in Pearland TX, where daughter Roxie, Ed and Stephanie live.

Part of the beautiful view is the sky with the cloud formations that remind us of our weather today, and cause us to wonder if we will see the sun tomorrow.

Bob and Nita return, we say 'so-long for a day or so,' and start back to Cap Sante.  As we leave their house, at the top of the hill we see a deer grazing on the grass by the street.

Earlier today Herb saw a trail that led from near there down a steep hill, so he and Jake explored it on their morning walk.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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