Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 59 - Sidney, Vancouver Island, BC - Thursday, July 7, 2011

There's so much to see in Sidney that we make a list, and high on Herb's list is a bookstore -- especially one that has nautical charts!

I don't know whether he likes bookstores or hardware stores best.

This store comes highly recommended and I enjoy looking at the selection of maps.  If a map is printed, it is here.  I notice a road map for Mexico -- subtitle "Viva Conchita."

In the culinary section, I find the book I am looking for -- "Galley Guru."  Myrna and Inez will be surprised that I am shopping for a cookbook.  Perhaps I will learn something.  

Nita tells me there are lots of tips for preparing meals on a boat, whether in port, or while underway.

Strolling back to where Herb is engrossed, I see he is looking at a chart showing Cortez Island.  Where in the world is that?

I suspect we may go there soon.

We always like to know a bit of history of the places we visit and find the Historical Museum.

Besides viewing and reading, we learn from the volunteer that we should buy fresh fish from the Fish Market on the point near the marina where we are moored.

Locals are very helpful.

My favorite display in the Museum is the antique wood stove with its many memories.  My Grandmother Lizzy Pittman had one, not this fancy, and she kept her iron on it, as well as the cook pots.  .....the iron was made of .. iron.

As we get back to Willie's Tug, we see the wind has picked up and our courtesy Canadian flag is proudly flying.  We take a photo to send to our friends Bob and Penny Unger of Ontario, who visit Port Isabel in the Winter.

Every Thursday afternoon  Sidney has a Farmers' Market and closes off Beacon Street.  The number of booths is huge and stretches for blocks and blocks.  

A pet supply store has an inviting display and Jake is drawn to it.  Possibly because of the nice lady who gives treats to the well behaved doggies.

Farmers' Markets are fun.  Visitors get a laugh from the octopus walking among them.  Jake doesn't recognize the animal and takes a second look.

Then he starts to follow him.

As a public service a volunteer marine rescue group visits with passersby and gives safety tips.  

They demonstrate wearing life jackets.

We thank them for what they do.

There is something for everyone at a city sponsored event -- for the kids, there are dogs to be petted.

And at every fair, festival, or Farmers' Market, there is always locally prepared food.  The aroma is so tempting, and the menu is calling.

Wild salmon burger --

We have to wait in line.

Once back to the boat we see the afternoon parade of Canadian geese passing by in search of something, or maybe just getting exercise.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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