Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 71 - Ganges Harbour, Salt Spring Island BC - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

After a pleasant rest last night with the gentle winds, Herb takes Jake for his morning stroll.  I am not sure Jake is awake, as he gives a big yawn.

As predicted, the winds have picked up.  We listen to the marine forecast and Herb also observes other boats as they are tossed about.

We see Catalyst leave and wonder if that is Dody and Doug.  

A very loaded dinghy passes by and we name this one Mush.  I like the Siberian Huskies and friend and can imagine their pulling the boat.

For every boat that leaves Montague, another one comes in.  We see another C-Dory, C-Change, from the state of Washington and he waves to the Tug.  

As the American Tug nearest the shore leaves, we debate about catching that buoy, or going more to the Southern shore to avoid the wind.  

However, the wind will shift later to the North, so maybe we should stay where we are.

We are now getting tossed quite a bit.  The forecast for tomorrow does not sound good for travel and we had planned to go to Ganges then.  Suddenly, the decision is made to head for Ganges on Salt Spring Island.  Town -- provisions -- shops -- ice cream!  A nice place to spend the bad weather day.

One thing we like about Montague is the large area for mooring on buoys or anchoring out.  

As we leave, we get chop, swells, rolls and lots of splashes.  We cross Trincomali Channel and are glad we are doing it today, rather than waiting for the worse forecast of tomorrow.

On Channel 16 of the VHF marine radio we hear a distress call from a sailboat aground on a rock about 20 miles away.  The Coast Guard calls for any vessel who could assist, but none are in the area.

As the tide is going out, it is imperative that they should be rescued as soon as possible, so the Coast Guard sends two boats lickety split and we change course slightly so as to give them a straight-away as they go by us.

Big time wake.  Nothing falls.  Jake still sleeps.

Thanks be to God we arrive safely at Ganges and get a guest slip in the marina at Ganges.

It is early afternoon now, and we are ready for lunch.  A short walk into town gets us to a variety of restaurants, and we choose one that has a menu to suit our taste today.

I ask Herb to pose by that menu.

Then I ask the menu to pose by itself.

I really want the halibut burger, and as I compare different menus, this one pleases me.

Spring has not quite arrived, and the open fire by our table is most welcome.  I soon need to move one chair away from it.

We take Jake for a stroll and find where the sea planes taxi to the dock.  Our slip is in the flight pattern.  If I were quick enough, I would get a photo through the skylight of one buzzing Willie's Tug.  

Back to our slip we meet the neighbor and two year old Golden Retriever named Cooper.  The two pups become instant friends.

Then we meet our immediate neighbors, Dan and Tanya Denver, in the C-Dory named C-Renity.  

They live in the rural area of Dabob Cove, which is near Quilcene WA.  Towns close by are Poulsbo, Port Townsend and Port Ludlow.

We invite them to join us for a visit, but we are interrupted by the sounds of swans nearby.  

We hurry over to see Darlene feeding them.

Oh, look at the babies!!! (Well, I have to look this up and find they can be called cygnets or swanlings.)  

They are so cute!

And the wings of the adults -- so magnificent!  I learn that swans mate for life -- usually -- but occasionally do 'divorce,'  usually due to a nesting failure.

No nesting failure here.

Tanya grabs her camera to take some pictures.  The swanlings look so soft and furry.

Other dock neighbors arrive to photograph the birds.

They are throwing treats out and Papa Swan gets impatient for another morsel.

As Darlene finishes feeding, the swans are not satisfied yet, and attempt to tell her that she should continue!

She runs for her life as they nip at her toes!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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  1. Love the pics of the swans, Willie!!! And your tales of your and Herb's travels...Barbara