Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 58 - Sidney, BC - Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Myrna will soon find out that Jake rides on my bed while we are cruising.  Justification:  He likes the soft memory foam, he feels less motion of the boat when crossing wakes, his Mommie is free from directing him to lie down on the floor and not jump onto my bed.  

So a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond (or as Nancy says ' Bed, Bath, and Bankrupt'), gets him his very own sheet to protect my bed.  Result:  win -- win.

We leave Reid Harbor, its mayor, and beautiful scenery to try again to get into Port Sidney on Vancouver Island.  

The seas are calmer today, marine traffic less, and we enjoy a pleasant cruise toward Sidney.  

An additional thrill is a seal close enough to us, and remaining somewhat above water long enough to get a photograph.

Jake settles down and sleeps during the ride, dreaming of getting petted in Canada.

Today when we radio Port Sidney, we learn that we are first in line to enter the stone breakwater entrance to clear customs.  Oh, how pretty!

As we experienced yesterday, the Canadians are extremely friendly and helpful.  We are met at the dock by Hamish and another employee, who tie up the boat, while I remain on board to be cleared.

Herb is directed to the Customs phone to call in, and has all his documents in his little orange folder.

Yea!  We are cleared to enter Canada, Herb writes down the Report Number to display, and we are given a slip assignment at Guest Moorage for a few days.

After registering with the Marina office, we stop to enjoy the view.  A beautiful sight with all the hanging baskets on the dock pilings. Ahhhhh!

We also note the sign, " A," on the lightpole, and muse about having a long walk to "H Dock" where we are moored.

After many trips into town, I decide to count my steps:  500 one way.

We decide not to get Canada coverage for internet, and walk in search of a Starbucks for Wi-Fi.  We learn that there are many coffee shops with free Wi-Fi, but the nearest place to us is Sidney Pier Hotel (just 100 more steps).

We are welcomed in to sit in their comfortable lobby and bring our dog.  Wow!  We are told that they are a dog friendly hotel, having one entire floor available for pet owners -- no cats, however.............

We are also introduced to a stuffed 'Dave,' who represents the real hotel resident dog.  Jake sniffs him to see if he is real, and then is led to Dave's water bowl for a refreshing drink.  Jake sees Dave's bed, but opts instead for lying at our feet and getting petted by every passing hotel guest.

After checking eMail briefly, we go back to Willie's Tug, to look at our brochures and decide what sights to see.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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  1. Hi Herb and Wilma,

    If you are still in Canada, a trip to Victoria would be BIG fun. It was the highlight of our time in Canada - three days in the Inner Harbour... we had a blast walking through the city, dining at the sidewalk cafes, touring the Parliment building and the Empress Hotel.

    Have fun - see you in the fall!

    Best wishes,
    Jim & Joan