Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 70 - Montague Harbor, Galiano Island BC - Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We wake to see the Canadian geese are back.  I can just hear them say, "Oh, the Americans are back."

They swim happily away.

We take one last look at the hotel,

and the cafe.

It is time to go, to cruise to another island in the group of Canadian islands known as the Gulf Islands.  We leave South Pender, turning south, then west and then north to enter Swanson Channel.  

We go between North Pender Island and the easternmost tip of Saltspring Island, then turn more northeasterly to go between North Pender and Prevost Island.  

We see a large ocean transport named Lauritzen Bulkers, and watch for other shipping vessels.  Here we also begin to see a cruise ship and a ferry.  

None come close.

It is a good day for sailing, and we see a colorful sail.

Well, this one came close.

It is the most beautiful ferry from the Province we are in.

It features No. 15, skiier in the Olympics.

We have an uneventful cruise on into Montague Harbor on Galiano Island, and heed the light warning of rocks.  There is ample mooring on buoys and anchoring in the harbor area, which is protected by Parker Island.  

We are an early arrival and have our choice of buoys, choosing one near a floating dock away from the marina.

It is not long before there are many boats around us.

Jake takes a ride to shore in Jake's Ferry and finds the beach to explore.  

One purposeful slip of the foot gets him in the edge of the water and he quickly lies down to relax.

The water is very clear; however, he gets a bath when he returns to Willie's Tug, and sleeps on the swim platform until he is dry.

Later I am invited into the dinghy with them to go shopping.   Shopping is a trip to the marina store/gift shop.  

When we are back to the boat, we enjoy watching more boaters arrive.

There are at least four dinghies in the water near us at all times.  Some are going to visit other boats, some are going to the store, and some are taking their pets ashore for exercise.

We watch this one as a sea plane lands in the background.

Somewhere in the area are our friends Dodie and Doug.  They see us come in and Doug dinghies over to invite us to join them on a ride on the Hummingbird bus that takes passengers to the Hummingbird Inn Pub.

We are not sure Jake would understand being left in the middle of the water for a long time, so we have to decline.

It is a thrill, however, to hear and see the yellow school bus make its hourly run.  

Herb is always on the lookout for C-Dory boats and I grab the camera when he spots this one.

Loose Nut from British Columbia.

A nice sunset.  It is very nice to sit in the cockpit at Happy Hour and watch the ever changing view.  There is a gentle wind that is constantly moving us back and forth around the buoy, and it gives the feeling that we are traveling.

We have a nice rest during the night, as we still feel the movement of the boat peacefully rocking us to sleep.

We bring a bit of family from home on the trip with us.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
  and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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  1. Re: the Hummingbird Pub... I found my three-o... on Blueberry Hill... a fun experience at Montague. If you find yourself there another night, I'd bet you could explain to Jake that you will be back by dark.

    Also, if the Bakery Boat comes into the harbour - go for it! Hot rolls, fresh cake and cookies!!

    Best wishes,
    Jim & Joanb