Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 57 - Reid Harbor/Stuart Island WA - Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We leave Cap Sante Marina and head toward Skyline Marina to meet Bob and Nita on Nellie Too to cruise together to Sidney, Canada.  

We enjoy seeing our old friend, the ferry, as she leaves the Anacortes port to travel to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

The conditions are not our friend today, as we have current behind us and wind on our nose.  The Guemes Channel is very busy, as half the people are like us -- staying home on the Fourth of July and out of traffic, so they can head out today.  The other half are coming back in after being out over the holiday.  

We manage to stay out of harm's way.  However, the wakes of all the many watercraft add to the chop and we are bounced around pretty good.  

So far my coffee pot has never moved from its spot on the counter.  Nita has given me a rubber mat that keeps things from sliding, but I have not used it.

Today I use it!!!  I catch the coffee pot just as it gets to the edge of the counter.  Thanks, Nita, I will listen next time.

We wonder if the seas will calm down any time soon, and then we see Good News, a really cute red boat and consider this an omen and 'good news' on the conditions.  

Business is good with ferry traffic, also, and at one point we encounter two passing each other.

We get a photo of Nellie Too 'treading water' to give way to the larger vessels.  

As we near Sidney on Vancouver Island, Bob is seen putting up his courtesy flag of Canada.

But it is not to be.  We get within radio range of Port Sidney Harbor and learn that we are fourth in line to clear customs.  

It is four o'clock in the afternoon, and a 45 minute (at best) wait in the holding area seems not the thing to do.

We make the decision to back-track to Reid Harbor on Stuart Island and stay the night.  Maybe earlier in the day tomorrow will get us through Canadian customs easier.

This late in the day Reid Harbor and the protected channel are quite populated, and we just know we cannot find a space at the dock.  If we are lucky enough to get a mooring buoy, we can take the dingy to shore for Jake.  We could also anchor out.

As we approach the dock, we see only several dinghies tied up.  There is enough space at one end for Willlie's Tug, and by moving one dinghy just a bit, we make room for Nellie Too.  We are 'home' for the night.

We later learn while visiting with others that they had wanted dock space, but assumed it was dingy only.  Who knew?  We did!!!

A special treat was seeing two other Golden Retrievers come over to go to shore.  One named Raymond jumped into the water, and there is no provision for anyone to get back to land.  Bob invited him to swim around to his swim platform, come aboard and then climb back into his dingy.

Have I mentioned what a nice guy Bob is?

Before the evening is over, Bob is elected Mayor of Reid Harbor.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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