Sunday, May 10, 2015

We're Here! Anacortes WA -- 4/30/2015

Traumatized by the fast pace of our trip, we talk about the past few days.  We have traveled 1,967 miles since we left Houston and used 291 gallons of diesel, averaging 6.7 mpg.  Yikes!  Did I load in enough clothes for the Summer?  What does that do to the fuel mileage?

Well, in my defense, we used a little heating the motor home in the early mornings while in the higher altitudes.  If Mama's not happy....

Today is no exception.  46 degrees as we leave Boise under sunny, cloudless skies on I-84 West.  The Snake River winds around to greet us with what I am sure is very cold water just north of Ontario OR as we cross the border, leaving Idaho behind.

Our gentle hills dotted with vegetation seem to rise straight up from the valley that we drive through.

Surprise!  Surprise!  Near Baker City OR we begin to climb a hill and a mountain range totally blanketed with snow rises up before us.  What are we in for?

Not to worry -- we have checked the WX and the passes on our route are clear! We settle back to enjoy the ride and vineyards along the highway.  Consumption of wine must be increasing these days, as we see many young vines mile after mile. 

This zoomed photo shows the tractor and many workers establishing a new vineyard with the small vines.  

A sight to behold looming before us -- I think it is Mt. Rainier, but I am not sure.

Driving down into a valley near Ellensburg WA, it is a breathtaking view, with the snowy peaks in the distant background surrounding the community, which appears as little dots on the landscape.  We seem to glide down the hill as if on snow skiis.

Oh, but we are not down to sea level yet, as we climb once more to the Summit Ski Lodge at Snoqualmie Pass.  I love seeing the tiny waterfalls near the road, which are evidence of snow still melting and flowing into the lakes and streams. The Spring greenery is proof of nature's watering and the leaves catch the sunlight to sparkle like stars twinkling at night.

Just before Exit 10 onto Loop 405 at Seattle, there is a slowdown.  Well, what do we expect?  It is 4:23P on a Thursday afternoon and we drive stop and go for one hour, until we get onto I-5.  Whose idea was this?

I call ahead to Cap Sante in Anacortes WA for parking on their RV lot and Joe tells me it is first come first served, just pick the spot you desire and pay in the morning, as our ETA is 8:30P. Patience gets us to Anacortes and we get the best spot in the lot.  We are the only RV here!  Boating season has not started yet!  We are home.

Find Nudibranch in slip 27 on K Dock....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, April 30, 2015

On edit:  Totals = 2,545 miles – used 380 gallons diesel – 6.7 /mpg – 51 hours – 49.8 mph.  We started the trip at 9:28A on April 26 and ended at 7:44P on April 30.

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