Saturday, May 9, 2015

Horse Canyon -- 4/28/2015

Did I mention how hot it has been the past couple of days in Texas and New Mexico?

It was hot!  

Relief comes this morning as we wake to what I call cold weather, and Herb calls cool.  We run Sweet Caroline's diesel heater until we drive away from the Rest Area at 7:30A.

This leg of our trip takes us more northerly on I-25 almost to Albuquerque, where we take US 6 to I-40, going west for a time, then north again onto Hwy 491 at Gallup. 

We pass through Shiprock NM, looking for the rock, and continue north, our path carving off the southwestern corner of Colorado as we veer more westward.

We are soon into the state of Utah, driving north again through Monticello and begin to see patches of snow atop the distant mountains as they slope down into the valley.   

The highway gets really interesting as we go through Canyonlands down a 6% grade toward Moab and I-70.  

A few more miles and we turn north again on 191 and 6 and begin to think of stopping for the night. 

Passing several possible turnouts in the late afternoon, we choose Horse Canyon Rest Area, a small one in an out of the way area on US 6.  The only building for this facility is a Necessary House with His and Hers rooms, circled by the curbed one way drive.  

                                                    Photo courtesy of the State of Utah

                                                                              Photo by Herb Stark

Herb finds the perfect spot to park for the night, safely tucked against the sidewalk and back near the end of the turnout.  We drive around the circle twice before settling in to our nest.

                                                                                     Photo by Herb Stark

                                                                                 Photo by Herb Stark

An 18 wheeler pulls in front of us, then drives forward a little.  It is late in the day with the sun still high in the sky, so there may be other visitors by night.  Yep, here comes one -- pulls in front of us and backs up!!  

Woah!  That's far enough -- maybe you should have found a bigger spot so you don't have to squeeze in here.  To my relief, he drives a few feet forward to be comfortably spaced.  

This is our bigger than life view.  But walking a few laps around the park gets us a spectacular view, and we soon settle in to a cold 46 degree overnight temperature.  Life is good.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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