Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thumbs up and let the fun begin! -- 5/28/2015

We wake at Friday Harbor to socked in fog, which slowly clears by 10:30A. Winds behave at less than 10 knots with a light chop.  After a leisurely morning, we cast off at 12:15P with Ganges on Salt Spring Island our destination and Patrick and Gail on our minds.

The colorful blue, red and white Victoria Clipper zips past us taking her fares south.

It is a pleasant trip as we enjoy the scenery on Stuart Island so familiar from last Summer.

Gentle hills of mostly rock hide the valley filled with dark evergreen trees. The lighthouse at Turn Point comes into our view.  We are now entering Boundary Pass, an area of heavy shipping traffic and cruise ships.  We keep a sharp eye.

My, my, on our starboard I see a large vessel, who is stand on for more than one reason.  I wonder who is predicted to cross the other's path first.  Herb sees on AIS that in five minutes at .2 miles apart we would safely cross her bow. That's too close -- we don't like close, so Skipper chooses to go astern of the BC Ferry, Coastal Celebration.  In case of the unexpected, we prefer to be behind her path.

The fluffy white clouds over Salt Spring Island entertain me, and we arrive in the Ganges harbor area at 4:15P to look for a safe place to anchor in the crowded bay.  The best spot looks to be where Janeane hooked Zuma last Summer.  Now to enjoy the planes coming and going and boats coming and going.  

Plans for the evening include picking up Gail from the dinghy dock -- who forgot to plug in the Torqeedo battery ? -- so row, Herb, row!

Patrick joins us later for good times with good friends!

Oh, I almost forgot -- earlier when we found a spot to anchor we put on our life jackets and started to put the hook down, when I scan behind me to see a small boat moving fast.  I alert Herb and we hold up to let her pass.  Oh, we have company, as evidenced by a flashing blue light.  The RCMP is here and we invite them aboard for a safety check.

Yea, all is in order, and they wish us luck in holding fast in mud!

Thumbs Up!
 Willie of Willie's Tug
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, May 28, 2015

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