Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Andrew Saves the Day on Cruise to Nanaimo -- Sunday, 7/28/2013 -- Day 3 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 79

Time to leave for Nanaimo and the dock helpers assist the boats in making their way out of the Ganges harbour; here Patrick helps to walk Cascadia back from her slip.

We gather our Pods outside the breakwater and call roll to identify everyone in our groups.  We get a photo of  Day Dreamer III, who will join Willie's Tug Pod.

Celtic Sun falls in next.

And we are off to Nanaimo!

We pass a few Tugs waiting to join their Pods.

It is a pleasant cruise with a short distance to Dodd Narrows, and we have timed our arrival for near slack to minimize turbulence.  We hear sailboat Isola Bella call to alert northbound traffic that she is waiting until clear and will enter the Narrows southbound.  We see her appearing to be crossways of the channel.

We give her the courtesy of standing off.  Several minutes pass, then she makes her way south and we cheer!  Our turn now.

Isola Bella

As we continue our cruise north we hear Ted call that Peregrino's engine has overheated, and Andrew on Shiraz Trader discusses the situation as he makes his way over to assist.  Peregrino drifts and is joined by Rick and Deb on About Tyme.  With information from Port Boathouse and Andrew's magic, Peregrino finally is on her way to join the flotilla.

Arriving at the Port of Nanaimo, each vessel calls in for a slip assignment, is placed either at the dock or rafted to another.  Skippers' meeting is at 4:45 -- late arrivals hurry to attend and partake of the delicious salmon and chicken provided by Port Boathouse.  Side dishes fill the serving tables and we do eat well!

Ted gets our attention and recounts the events of his engine problem and expresses his appreciation for the repairs.  What we didn't know is how rough the water was for the rafting of boats during this time and how unpleasant it was for the ladies.  He presents flowers to Carleen, who is so surprised and delighted!

We learn the fix happened when Andrew borrowed swim suit, goggles and fins from Rick and dived into the frigid water to unclog the engine water cooling intake.

Dessert time brings out two beautifully decorated cakes with a Ranger Tug on one and a Cutwater on the other.  Both delicious and no calories....???

Caitlin Brings Flowers to Mom

66 Ranger Tugs and Cutwaters

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, July 28, 2013


  1. WOW love the pics from the heavens of the armada! Cindy

    1. Taken from the 18th floor of a condo whose residents met Bruce and invited us up for the photo. I also zoomed in on a nice photo of -- guess who? -- I found Willie's Tug!