Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Lesser Challenge -- Sunday, 7/14/2013 -- Day 65

Sucia Island has many trails and today we choose a long one to the south, recommended by Ray and also Mary Casebeer.  Near the beginning of the path an interpretive panel tells us, "Sucia Island was named by the expedition of Captain Francisco Eliza, who visited Puget Sound in 1791 in search of the Northwest Passage.  Sucia means 'dirty' or 'foul' in Spanish.  The name refers to the many submerged rocks that made the island a hazardous landing for sailing vessels."

With a two and a half mile hike before us, we do not bring the heavy Nikon, but instead have our smart phones for cameras.  We really want to photograph Willie's Tug, but cannot see our house from here, as the ridge between Snoring Bay and Fossil Bay blocks the view.

Snoring Bay

We walk lively, we climb a few somewhat challenging inclines -- but nothing like Cap Sante Bluff!  Or Homfray, Mary!  We stop ever so often to photograph the awesome scenery.

View Toward Boundary Pass, south of Fossil Bay

One of the most picturesque is a maze with shrubbery taller than our heads, but no photo here as we think we hear mosquitoes -- hurry along.  I capture this part of the trail in my memory.

Herb has the Run Keeper app on his phone set for hiking, telling us how far we have come, showing our course on its map, so we know how much farther to the point.   Excitement builds as we near the end of the trail, yet see there is more ahead.

Are we there yet? 

We see a marker below and get 'proof' that we went all the way.  Oh, there's more -- we agree where we will stop.

A zoom will reveal beautiful Mt. Baker which appears tiny to the left of the small island in the background as the rays of the sun glisten her snow.

Glorious colors paint the sky at day's end, as Willie's Tug swings to the west.  'Night, all. 

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, July 14, 2013

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