Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Woman to Blame" -- Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A quite large dinghy, maybe 12-foot long and carrying six people, comes down the fairway by “C” Dock and loops a cleat across the dock from Willie’s Tug.  “Hi,” they say.  “We know you from Sucia Island a few years ago, but you had a yellow boat, also named Willie’s Tug.

What an amazing memory they have – the folks do look familiar, and I ask the name of their boat, hoping it will jog my memory of the time we spent together. We invite them to join our Happy Hour and appetizers in the cockpit, but they are on the way to Anthony’s Restaurant and looking for a dinghy dock. 

One of the ladies tells us the name of the boat they are on today is Woman to Blame, permanently moored on “Q” Dock here in Cap Sante.  Oh, how funny!  I show her my cocktail glass with the same logo, and we laugh at how much we like Jimmy Buffet’s song with that title.  One of the men is heard to say that actually, "it's his own fault."

They explain how they named the boat:  The lady saw it, liked it, and wanted it. She is to blame for the purchase.  

Makes sense to me...and it doesn’t take me long to hike over to “Q” Dock for a photo.

Impressed with the fact that six folks ride comfortably in the dinghy, Herb asks about it, and learns that six are fine going slow in the marina, but it will plane outside with a maximum of four aboard.

The man waving in the background is wearing a shirt featuring a Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club logo.  He and Herb share military experiences, while one of the ladies and I compare notes on our Yugo waterproof floating boat purses.  She looks forward to taking a photo with her iPhone while it is still in the purse.

As they cruise away, we wish them a safe road trip back to Seattle tomorrow, and hope to see them on an island later in the summer.

Cap Sante has a wonderful network of dockhands, who assist boats coming in or departing, provide a watchful eye of security on the docks, take inventory of whose moorage is paid, and deliver picture post cards of the marina, with a 'thank you for staying with us' message on the back.  It is signed with twenty-two names of employees, and I ask him his name.  When I learn it is Sawyer and his name is not on the card, he sheepishly says he will sign the card for me. 

Another photo op for me to see him sign.  He laughs and says, "Willie, you are too funny!"

Ray is all smiles as he joins us for dinner, but I think Herb is saying, “Hurry, Willie, I want to finish my pork chops.”

Happy Birthday, America, we celebrate your Independence day, the day to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Fireworks are shot out into Fidalgo Bay, and Willie’s Tug has a vantage view.

 Grabbing some shots of the mirror image in the water....



Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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