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A Little Bit Calmer Now! -- Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Our morning at anchor in Padillo Bay near Anacortes begins with a beautiful sunrise of brilliant lemon yellow, surrounded by an orange halo, its reflection in the water reaching all the way to Willie’s Tug.  That's the good thing!

Breakfast time is a little bouncy with all the commercial fishermen going out to set their crab traps, so we check the WX and learn the winds will still be 10 to 20 knots in Padillo Bay.  I love watching al the activity here, but wouldn’t calmer water be more fun?

I ready the cabin for cruising, and yes! the laptops go on top of the master berth.

Herb goes out onto the bow to bring the anchor up and tend the anchor locker at 11A, as I sit in the helm to watch our surroundings, and prepare to drive if need be.  After tying the anchor off for traveling, he comes back in and says, “How about we cruise by Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island where there are 14 mooring buoys and see if one is available?”   Sounds good to me, so we head out of the bay, cruising north by the side of Guemes Island.  It seems we will never get past this long island and I keep looking for where Cypress is.  I vow next time we travel, I will set up the iPad with Navionics so I can follow where we are and see what’s ahead.  I am not yet able to recognize the positions and shapes of the islands.  

Nearing the island, I get the binoculars to see if there are any buoys available. Awesome – there is one about midway of the cove.  We slowly slide into the bay, put the gear into neutral while Herb gets the bow line and brings it back to me in the cockpit.  Checking the wind, he now cruises up to the buoy and says, “Catch it, Willie.”   Done!   I catch the line and hold onto it for dear life, allowing it to pull the bow of the boat around to the buoy.

Herb ties the line off, and we are home in Eagle Harbor at 12:44P!  A beautiful Kadey Krogen is moored near us, with a kayak for taking a dog ashore, or just cruising around the bay.

Seas are quite calm here with only some swells.  The sound you hear is another eagle! Oh, I forgot – I cannot record that sound in the blog.  I see him and try to get a photo as he flies around the bay, but I am not successful.  I will just have to remember the beautiful sight as he soars, soars, while he searches for fish.  

Most of the buoys here are large enough for up to 50 ft. vessels, but near the beach there are some smaller ones that accommodate only the smaller boats. A boat on one looks almost like a child's toy boat.  She is seen at the left of the photo below.

It is so peaceful here; none of the boats are bouncing, so we may stay until we run out of fresh vegetables and fruit. I did make sure we had plenty of milk and wine!

However pleasant it is, our sun hides behind the overcast sky.  There is plenty of activity to watch, as all afternoon boats unhook from the buoys and cruise away, while others come in to catch the vacant ones.   Late afternoon we see hints of sunlight finally appearing, and being reflected in the water toward the inside of the cove.

As we swing around on the mooring buoy, we get a view of the North Cascade mountain range which includes Mt. Baker;  then the Earth's spin allows it to totally light up the lovely mountain, that has followed us again!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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