Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Experience, then Just Be -- Friday, July 14, 2017

As we leave Shilshole for Bell Harbor at 8:30A, we meet Jerry and Colleen on Crazy Heart, their Cutwater 28.  Colleen says they used to read my blog, so I tell them about the new way I send it, where you have to sign up in order to get the eMail link.

Since most of yesterday was spent assisting Fred in installing the new auto pilot pump, today is the sea trial.  Herb steers the circles to calibrate the  compass, then on to Bell Harbor, farther south in Puget Sound.

Mt. Rainier

Excited to arrive in lovely Seattle, I get the binoculars to search for the marina. What I see are cruise ships at Elliott Bay, one of which is named Explorer of the Sea.  

There is a light chop in the bay and a pleasant 69 degrees, which make for a nice day to be on the water. We listen to the Traffic channel for departures and arrivals of commercial traffic and hear the tour boat, Spirit of Seattle, call for going to Blake Island.  She is along the shore right now and no danger of getting too close.  Cruising into the sun makes it difficult to see our entrance to the marina, but Herb has it plotted, so not a problem.  The travel guide says there is a spire to guide us, so I search for it.  We are also warned to watch for exiting vessels around the blind corner of breakwater.

With no opposing traffic, we are in luck and cruise into our assigned slip at 10:30A.  Plenty of time for playing, as the day is young.

We walk up the extremely steep sidewalk to Lenora Street, then find our way to the RapidRide ‘40’ bus stop. An adventure in the making. I get my bus pass card ready to swipe to pay my fare, and take care not to lose it this time.  

Herb sets our route on Google maps, and it is fun to watch the streets go by as we ride.  (It also tells me when we are getting near our destination stop.)

After the tour, we visit Pike Place Market to see what we might ‘need’ or want. I suddenly remember that I forgot to go to Metropolitan Market for provisions, so we hope we find fresh eggs at Pike Place.  Yes!  There is a grocery store, among specialty shops, jewelry stores, fresh fish where one employee throws the salmon you want to buy and the other employee ‘catches’ it.  This show always draws a crowd of tourists with video and still cameras.

I pass by, admiring the scrumptious looking pastries in a bakery shop, but move on before giving in to my temptations.

Returning to the marina, we are delighted during the evening by the famous Wheel on the waterfront with its ever changing colors lighting the spokes.  I could watch for hours.

What a peaceful day, what a beautiful place to be.

Just be.

Find Willie’s Tug….

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, July 14, 2017

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