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Fun and Games -- Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What a glorious sunrise we see this morning as we wake to calmer winds.  I scan the tops of trees in the forest on the east side of the bay, wondering if my eagle will come out to greet us with his morning song, but to no avail.  Maybe he is now in Anacortes, our intended destination today.

The comforting sounds we hear are a brief toot of the horn of a Washington State Ferry now and then to warn of her movement, when she sees small vessels about to cross her route.  We will leave the bay today, having stayed our three day limit for State Marine Parks, and will miss seeing all the ferries traveling to and from Orcas and Shaw Islands, as well as to and from Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

Ferry Leaving Orcas Island

Cruising out of the bay, we watch for these vessels constantly, until we go past the ferry terminal in Anacortes on Fidalgo Island.  The only larger ship we see is one with a pilot tug, and is off in the distance in the busy Rosario Strait, which we travel just prior to our entering Guemes Channel near Anacortes.   

As usual, we cross and weave our way through a line of trash, watching for the inevitable logs and sticks.  Willie’s Tug does not hit any!  Photo is taken from cockpit as we leave the trash behind.

Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes welcomes us to come ‘home’ for a few days – or as long as we like – and I am drawn to her lovely flower hanging baskets and shrubs with blossoms of many colors.

The new Anthony’s Cabana restaurant on the west shore of the marina is our dinner venue this evening.  One wall features a map of the San Juan Islands.  Oh, how I love maps!  And rocks and trees and flowers and music….

In the photo we see Orcas Island, the largest one at the top, then below and slightly left is a small island, Shaw, with its bay cut out of the top, or north end.  Herb agrees to be photographed.

But his preference is having the marina full of boats to be his background.  Yep, he loves boats more than maps!

Our first time to dine here scores a promise to return, as the menu features many entrees we would like to try, but tonight we choose Poke Bowl for Herb and Sweet and Sour Prawns with Asian Slaw for me.  Yum, but no photos!

The entertainment for the evening is watching a group of guests play Bocce Ball in the manicured regulation sand court.  Fond memories of playing with good friends flood our thoughts.  I do not remember the rules, so do not know what the position of the balls means, but I am lucky enough to get a burst with my camera as I try to capture the action shot as the young man throws a ball.

Two Balls

Now Three Balls
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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