Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pizza, Chocolate and Elvis! -- Saturday, July 8, 2017

We wake at 5A after a very restful night and peer out the windshield to find a Washington State ferry 'sleeping' at her dock.  I cannot make out the name with my naked eye.

Before I finish the breakfast dishes, I hear music coming from the festivities area on shore.  We are excited to go up and experience what is going on.  The first thing I see is a precious little girl playing with hula hoops.  My camera is too slow for her dance, and her mother is trying to get her to leave. She pouts a bit and continues to dance without the hoops.  With her mom's permission, I dance around all sides of her to try to catch her face with the camera.  Mom is still in high pursuit.

Of course, I am drawn to this sweet Golden Retriever, who looks so much like 'The Doctor' and snuggles up to me for petting.  He won't need brushing for a few days; I got tons of fur off him.  (I remember those days.)

Hearing the ferry calling out the check list before casting off, I take a look and also see a lovely snow capped mountain.  I think it is Mt. Rainier, located southeast of Seattle, but I should ask a local.

Find Willie's Tug....

Debbie and Vicki stop by to look at Willie's Tug, and noticing our accents, Debbie tells us of her trips to Biloxi MS and actually pronounces it correctly.  I congratulate her. Unless you are from the South, you may not know it is pronounced Bi-lux-ee.  She also goes on to reminisce about the humidity there, compared to here in the PNW.  


We have such a great visit that I ask if I might take a photo to remember them by, and they say only if I will be in it, also.

At Happy Hour we hear another band begin to play "Crazy," and a voice singing sounds a lot like Willie Nelson.  What talent!  We should go ashore to listen.  We can see the booths at the Saturday Market and it looks like there is a lot going on.

The "Elvis" show begins at 6:30, so we get to enjoy a bit of it on our way to dinner.

Peanuts?  At a pizza parlor? Yes.  When we place our order at Westside Pizza, they invite us to grab a bucket with a tumbler of roasted in the shell peanuts. Talk about tasty!  I haven't seen peanuts in a restaurant since we lived in Louisiana.  I remember a fish restaurant that had peanut shells all over the floor.  Their claim to fame!  Here we have a bucket to toss them in.

Molten hot fudge cake and vanilla ice cream. Who knew the portions were so large? We could not finish it all -- but we tried.  

Lotsa chocolate....

Elvis is still singing.  If he took a break while we were gone, I'll never know, but he did not lose any of his audience.

Like a good entertainer, he comes down from the stage to visit with the crowd.

His eyes appear to be closed as he sings, "Love Me Tender."

Taking the hand of a lady, he now sings, "Kiss me Quick" and she does.

Beginning a new song, Elvis moves away and the tapped lady says, "I'll never wash this side of my face again!"

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, July 8 ,2017 

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