Friday, September 6, 2013

One More Day -- Sunday, 9/1/2013 -- Day 114

We say goodbye to friends who must leave today.

And then there are two.

We're off to breakfast now -- and we did it again!  We let a Tymczysyn suggest where we should have breakfast.  Tym and June went there yesterday for pastries for her, and she discovered they have a full breakfast we would enjoy.  So here we go to The Dutch Bakery, just a few blocks.

As we leave the marina we see the Water Taxi Ballet, performed to Blue Danube Waltz, in front of the beautiful Delta Victoria Hotel.

A short walk brings us to the Dutch Bakery, but as we approach, we see no lights.  Surely this late in the morning between 10 and 11A, they should still be open!  June walks ahead and sees the sign on the door, "Closed Sundays."  Who knew?  One does not pay attention to these signs, when you are anticipating all the goodies inside waiting for you!

Oh, well, it was a good idea!

Plan B:  walk a bit and look for a restaurant.

We are starving!

Tym asks a person along the way and learns about a wonderful place to go -- Floyd's Diner.  We get directions and eagerly pick up our pace.

What greets us inside the warm and friendly restaurant is a hostess with a sign in sheet, as well as a long line of hungry customers.  We ask, "How long is the wait?"  " 25 to 30 minutes. -- Sign here"  

We look at each other and wonder if we can wait that long, as we are starving!  Someone says, "We don't know where another restaurant is close by."

So we sign in.  And wait.

As we look around, we know we are in the right place and it is worth the wait just to see the photos and decor on the walls.

Al Pacino

Beatles, then....

Beatles, Later....



We think it may be a good idea to peruse the menu and make our selections so we can order immediately once we are seated at our table.  The menu is hilarious!  It is worth the wait!  The first item is, "The Mahoney:  You'll get whatever the kitchen prepares and you can either pay the original price, or we'll flip you for it --double or nothing!  

Each item makes us laugh!

After a wonderful breakfast with delightful friends, we go our separate ways to walk about and enjoy the sights.

A not-to-be-missed experience is the Bastion Square Market with plenty of things to buy, musicians to hear, and flowers and food.  I find the opportunity to purchase souvenirs for my little ones at home.  I can find plenty for a little girl, but have trouble finding something for a little boy.  Teya at Dangles suggests the next booth where Cathy has the perfect gift.  Just in case the little boy's mother is reading this, I won't say what it is!

Teya and Cathy

Later I drag Herb into the Tilley store, but as he shops, I almost regret it.  He finds many things he 'needs.'

Also, not-to-be-missed is the walk around the marina with camera in hand.

A lady vendor falls in love with Jake and just happens to have treats.  She makes him sit, then rewards him.

The Government Building - 

The Empress Hotel - 

The musicians - 

and the sunset - 

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, September 1, 2013

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