Sunday, September 8, 2013

Betty Ann -- Wednesday, 9/4/2013 -- Day 117

It is a great morning for a walk on the trails up the hill in Roche Harbor, so we take the 'multi-colored' brick road toward Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel.  At 9 o'clock we hear the chapel bells chime to announce the hour.  Oh, so beautiful!

We had forgotten, but now remember with delight, that songs ring out from the chapel.  First we hear "Hey, Look me Over," followed by "Hello, Dolly."  Then we hear "Autumn Leaves" and look down to see the leaves on our path.  We feel blessed!

We wind our way back by the sculpture park and admire the creations.

And then to the other side of the community for views we have not seen in years.  

All too soon it is time to leave Roche to return to Anacortes.  We hear the Coast Guard alert for fog in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, north Puget Sound, and the San Juan Islands, but we are clear.  We hope it dissipates soon.

The only hazard we are aware of it a small motor 
vessel near the ferry.  Seas are a little choppy now, and we do begin to see some fog.

Landing Craft Ferry

But as we continue to travel, we finally realize it is not as far north as we are.  There are four more ferries in our future today, and the most interesting one is Chelan, who does a hard turn to starboard between Blakely and Cypress Islands -- definitely off published route.   She goes through Obstruction Pass toward the west.  Why, we wonder? 

Soon we are in Guemes Channel and see a 25 foot Sea Sport ahead, but are not sure which direction she intends to turn.  We hold back and watch for a minute to see that she is being steered by the outboard motor.  

We attempt to overtake on her starboard when we see the boat name -- Betty Ann, our neighbor in the slip next to us.  Betty radios us for help in docking, as they have lost their main engine.  So instead of going to C-Dock for the Ranger Rendezvous, we return to our K-Dock slip.

John glides Betty Ann into her slip gracefully and does not need assistance, but I am sure it was comforting to know help was available, if necessary.  We are glad they are safe.

Betty Ann

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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