Monday, September 23, 2013

Joe and Pearl in Friday Harbor -- Tuesday, 9/10/2013 - Day 123

Today we begin our adventures with Joe and Pearl to let them experience cruising in the Pacific Northwest.  Friday Harbor for lunch is first, so we pick them up outside The Majestic around 10A and head for Willie's Tug in Cap Sante Marina.

We suggest they sit up front for the best view, and once we are ready, Herb orients them to the boat and shows them their life jackets are readily accessible.  

Joe is very eager to untie our lines and cast us off, and we love having this special crew member.  We ease out of the marina and follow our plotted course for the best wind and current.  Joe checks the GPS on his phone to see our location.

I equip them with the free San Juan map which is available at every marina, our Dreamspeaker Guide for the San Juans and of course Wagnor's Cruising Guide.  They will not lack for information on this trip.

Joe also watches the Garmin chart plotter, and we set him up with Navionics on my iPad, so he can zoom and scroll for locations.

It is flat calm on the water and not too much traffic.  The ambient temperature is very nice and we are glad for these conditions.  

We meet an American Tug, Flexible, and think of our friends Steve and Tina, whom we expect to see for lunch today at Herb's Tavern.  Joining us also will be Bob and Dil of R-21 Hercules.  

As always, there are plenty of large ships to catch our eye.   Container ships are so colorful!  The fishing boat Anna Marie heads out for hopefully a good catch.

It is interesting to note that Pearl is as fascinated with rock as I, and she especially likes this one with a hole in it.  We wonder about how it was carved and weathered over eons.

Oh, my goodness!  The strangest thing I have ever seen on the water is a house being towed!   Herb sees the tug Jennifer on AIS and we observe the house with three fireplaces.  Actually, as we overtake her, we realize it is the big house and a guest house. 

We would love to know where it came from and where it is going and why.  Perhaps something of historic value.

We arrive at Friday Harbor and walk up the long steep hill to Herb's Tavern, when Herb explains to Joe and Pearl that not only is it his 'namesake,' but the restaurant has really good food.  We have never been disappointed.

We pause for a photo by the sign on the outside wall.

Inside our table awaits us, as do Dil and Bob.  

Every time we go to Herb's Tavern, Herb teases the staff about deserving a free meal, since the restaurant was 'named for him,' but they simply laugh with him.  Today he gets lucky and is rewarded for his efforts with a tee shirt!  No free lunch!

After a delightful visit with friends and a tasty lunch, we think we should head to the boat to begin our cruise back to Anacortes.  We need to rest up before Cocktail Hour.

I point out some marine life along the dock to Pearl -- the jelly fish and sea vegetation.  No time to see the harbor seal, Popeye, today.

However, we do stop for a photo of Joe and Pearl with Mt. Baker in the background, seen over his left shoulder.  The mountain appears small at this distance, but ever so radiant as she keeps her snow.

Washington State Ferry, Evergreen, is leaving Friday Harbor at the same time as we, so she lends herself to a close up photo.

In Guemes Channel we overtake a large ship with an escort and give them plenty of room, as we approach the Cap Sante marina breakwater and are back home.

Pearl invites Herb and me to their place for cocktails and dinner, so we load up the provisions and Herb cooks in the 'big galley.'  After plans are made for tomorrow's adventure, which will be a tour of Anacortes, we reflect on the fun day we had today.

Herb's Tavern Decor

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, September 10, 2013


  1. What a wonderful thing to do, sharing the great Pacific Northwest with friends. Of course we wish you would have visited Port Townsend as we could also show you and your friends a great time and introduce them to the Maritime Experience in our area. Best, Cindy and Gerry (Celtic Sun)

    1. I think of you often and that we didn't get to Port Townsend. We are already planning places to go next year, so here's hoping!!! Have a wonderful and safe Winter. -- ws