Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day Seven, Bow Tie Marina, Lake Charles LA - Sunday, August 14, 2016

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Church, Lake Charles LA
Dark Sky alerts me that the rain is stopping.  Wow?  Really?  How wonderful. Dark sky does not tell me how long this WX interruption will last, so those of us who do not bring raincoats or umbrellas get soaking wet.  Pearl gets a bit damp standing outside the taxi while folding up her umbrella.

Fortunately On Your Mark has a clothes dryer and lots of room to hang clothes.

Boat Storage Building at Bow Tie Marina
Do you want your boat ready to go at 9:38 in the morning?  Or 4P?  If your boat is stored with Doug Shearman, just let him know and he will have it fueled, launched, tied to the dock, beer iced down, and ready for you when you arrive from your home in Lake Charles, or wherever you live.  

He gives valet service; hence the name, Bow Tie Marina.  The other good news is that you are not required to arrive wearing a bow tie!

A look out the windows of On Your Mark shows that the skies are truly clearing and we see folks moving around outside.  Herb visits with the Coast Guard official and learns that he is not encouraged about the WX.  We could be in for more rain here in Lake Charles, but the more worrisome news is about the navigational conditions to the east and our intended direction once we begin cruising again.

Cap'n Herb finds a Google News interview on KPLC TV of the threats in Lake Arthur near here, where they expect a crest of ten feet, and the levies are at seven and a half feet.  Residents are being evacuated.

What this means for us is that as rivers rise and flow southward to drain into the Gulf, they will flood the ICW, which will begin to look like a lake.  Navigational aids will be broken from their moorings and we would not be able to see where our channel is.

A word to the wise:  "Go home, young man!"

We have reserved an SUV from Enterprise Rent-a-car for tomorrow morning, and will "Go West, Young Man."

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, August 14, 2016


  1. That is not good. Better safe than sorry. Not much better here in Austin. 4" of rain for Sat/Sun and raining still. Be safe driving back.

    1. Herb and I made it home about 7P last night and saw the usual blowing sand across the Bahia Grande west of Port Isabel of settled. Yes, it had rained. We had a good rain during the night, so it will be interesting to see today how much we got.