Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day One, Journey to On Your Mark -- Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Herb's phone rings, breaking the silence of the morning, and I hear him say, "Hey Buddy, good morning to you."  Then he says, "Sure, I can go at any time.  I'll just need someone to help me with the driving and Willie with line handling."    So I know I should start packing my luggage that I just unpacked.  Herb fills me in with the information that Joe and Pearl have commitments and would like us to bring On Your Mark back to Port Aransas from Lake Charles.

He checks WX and conditions in the rivers draining into the ICW, drawing upon all the resources he can.  He tells me that some storms are brewing in the Atlantic, and a good WX window is now.  Joe calls a man who has actually worked on the boat in the past and finds that he can be available to travel with us.  Captain Denny, from Port Isabel, is working in Port Aransas right now, so we arrange to pick him up after getting a rental car in Corpus and leaving our car at Island Moorings Marina.  We know the drill -- do just the reverse of what we did last week.

Out early in the morning, we head north from Port Isabel and as we get near Robstown, we delight to see the golden sun peering from behind the lovely shades of dark clouds we see always forming on the coast.

Shortly thereafter she rises above the horizon to appear as a starburst.  I quickly catch a photo before the moment passes. Soon she will burn these clouds away, and I see no rain in sight.

Around 9A Herb, Denny and I continue our drive from Port A eastward, and I get so emotional passing through Houston.  Memories of fun times come to my mind when I see the Williams Tower standing regally in front of the clouds that float below the cerulean blue sky.

Lunch at Buc-ees delays us about an hour, but we have our favorite sandwiches.  Cap'n Denny gets a treat checking out the store, as he has never been to a Buc'ees.  When we arrive to Bow Tie Marina south of Lake Charles, I tell Herb I need to get a photo of the trunk before it is unloaded, because it is not nearly as loaded with a few days gear versus the many totes we had with Joe and Pearl for the intended Bahama cruise.  I can actually see through to the rear view mirror.

 On Your Mark is happy to have her crew arrive.

Happy Hour rewards us after a long day's drive and I see smiles from Denny as he enjoys the evening.

Find Willie's sunset at Bow Tie Marina....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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