Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 128 - Island Park ID - Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Sky!

From Helena, we head south and anticipate arriving at our friends' and former neighbor's cabin in Idaho Paradise.

Uh, oh, we see a long dusty road under construction ahead.  So, we just take it slow and easy and sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Feeling a bit thirsty, we see a service station where we decide to stop for a Coke.  As Herb is making his purchase, a guy comes in -- and he looks so familiar to Herb.  So striking is the resemblance, that Herb thinks to himself, "I can't wait to eMail Capt'n Mac and tell him I saw his 'double' today."  

While Herb is staring at him speechless, Capt'n Mac says, "Herb! it's me! -- Mac!"

Now what are the chances of that -- hundreds of miles away from Ranger Tug Land, down a back road,  and we meet our friend who gave us an orientation when we took delivery of Willie's Tug.  We are delighted!

Capt'n Mac and Linda

Find Willie's Tug; find Capt'n Mac's camper, heading for a vacation at Yellowstone National Park.

Up and down a few more hills and we get to Idaho again.

We are almost there.  I see Henry's Lake!

Oh, I see a sign that says all boats must stop for inspection.  OK.

As we approach, we are greeted, "You are the winner. You are the largest boat we have inspected."

When Herb tells him that we do not plan to put Willie's Tug in Henry's Lake, we hear a sigh of relief.

After a thorough inspection, we get our certificate and are told that we have a very clean boat!  No creepy crawlies here.  They are disappointed that they will not have to wash it down with their sophisticated equipment.

Boat Washer

Just around the corner is our destination, LaSerda del Norte.  

Last year we visited David and Patti soon after they purchased a cabin near Henry's Lake and Island Park and named it LaSerda del Norte, the original LaSerda being David's family home in Waco TX.   The mountains behind the property are on the Continental Divide and the Montana-Idaho boundary.

We are anxious to see the finished product after a year-long remodeling project.  (We are anxious to see David and Patti, also.)

David and Herb have an adult beverage

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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  1. This adventure is awesome! The Good Life! Thanks for sharing.