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Day 122 - Bremerton WA - Friday, September 9, 2011

It is the beginning of a big day at the Ranger Rendezvous, and mornings should begin with coffee.  Coffee Crawl always begins with Bob, who with Steve's help, serves Nita to get her going!

The many forums scheduled for the day get under way.  Tina attracts many ladies for her round table discussion on galley and menu planning.  She displays several books and cookbooks that she has found helpful in her boating years.

Another idea she shares is layering Styrofoam, dry ice, and ice with the food in her cockpit freezer.

A lively discussion ensues with experiences shared and tips offered. 

Some of the favorite products mentioned are 'Better than Bouillon'  and 'Dave's Killer Bread' from Costco. 

Vicki shows the tiles she uses on the grill to reduce the heat for certain baking.

I plan to take advantage of all the suggestions.

John opens a discussion on 'Modifications that made my Ranger better' by telling us that he moved his VHF radio from the lower area, which is hard to see while sitting in the helm seat.

He also moved the coat rod and replaced it with coat hooks on an oak board.  This allows him to tailor his storage in the computer/cave area.

Another thoughtful change is to create a false floor in a cupboard, making a door beneath for additional space.

David gives helpful suggestions on 'Exterior Hull and Cabin Maintenance.'   He  names the products that he has found to work for various areas of the boat.  

He uses Rain-X on the windows and buffs with microfiber.  

He and Maureen do not wear shoes in the cabin because of the salt that clings to the soles.  -- Who knew!!!   

For salt accumulation on the hull, if there is a need to conserve water, he uses a one gallon sprayer.  A helpful hint here is to first spray down with salt water, then rinse with fresh.

Lyman shows his small sprayer.

David says never, never buy a bucket for cleaning, but go to a bakery and ask for one that icing came in.    He knows from his business that there are buckets available!

After lunch, Jim and Lisa Favors of Kismet present a slide show on 'The Great Loop.'  

They tell of the importance of communicating with other traffic, and mention the spare items that are necessary to bring along for maintence. 

They warn against going into fog on a river, and give a heads up about there being no internet in the Everglades and Bahamas.  

In addition to the forums for learning and sharing, we also have time to relax and enjoy just being with friends.

Dil and Bob

Toni and BFF Ruth

The Margaritaville Party begins at 5 PM, and boaters and many boats are dressed in Jimmy Buffet costume.

The message board proclaims that with the five factory boats, there are a total of 57 Ranger Tugs and Cutwaters attending the Rendezvous.

It also announces the Silent Auction from 5 - 8 PM, and the Margarita party with live music, followed by dinner courtesy of David and Maureen.

'Margarita Bob' gets a hand from Ida, which assures her of being the first to be served a Margarita.

Bob fills my tall Margaritaville glass so I won't have to stand in line so often.

Casting On

Ranger Jeff
David starts dinner and Maureen starts dessert.

The Capt'n


The Silent Auction is a huge success.  After expenses not already covered by donors, the proceeds will go to Sea Scouts to benefit children.  There are over forty items given by boaters and merchants for bidding.

 There are also many bidders.

The party continues after the auction and dinner, with dancing to Dave Calhoun's lively music.  

What a fun evening!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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